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  Mano Erina to stop releasing boring music  
  Hello!Project Written by Kuno , updated: 15:52, 1-Apr 2009  
  H!P soloist Mano Erina's new single, Hajimete no Keiken, is the first of her songs that doesn't induce slumber in all its listeners. In an exclusive interview, Mano confirms the new direction for her career:

"So far, I've been happy with being regarded as the most boring idol ever—my inspiration is the recent work of Matsuura Aya-san—and my handful of fans have stuck with me. Now, I'm starting a bold new direction where I'll make music that people can actually listen to and enjoy."

Producer Tsunku♂ also chimed in: "My goal for Mano was to create a new type of idol, one that breaks the typical idol mold. Energetic singing. Catchy, upbeat music. Fun lyrics. These were the three demons I wanted to slay when producing Mano so far."

"But I've now realized that I may have overestimated the appeal of an idol such as this. My original plan was to produce a new generation of uninteresting idols, or i-DULLS. This was a mistake. That's why I've decided to steer Mano more toward the music you can hear in her new single. It's the kind of song that even a fan of good music can enjoy. Please treat her kindly."

Here's a preview of the new single, thanks to YouTube user harosayu:

"Hajimete no Keiken" will be released on May 20, 2009.


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