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  Yaguchi Mari Official Blog: Translations 2008.12.27 - 2009.01.02  
  Hello!Project Written by B.Slade & Kuno , updated: 21:52, 2-Jan 2009  

_2008-12-27 08:43:44

So c-c-c-cold!

Good morning!

V(^ - ^)V

It's not just a little cold this morning...

And I'm tired.


It's hard to get up early in winter...

Okay, my first job today is being on Gold House ☆

You can see here who's going to be on!

In order of appearance!

[Yaguchi Mari, Sugiura Taiyo, Tutorial, Audrey, Morinaga Takuro, Nocchi]


Ah! (°□°; )

Audrey have already made it up to number two in the rankings...

Wow ☆

If they reach number one, I'll have to go on a date with Kasuga soon!

I saw all your comments, but if they reach number one, I have to live up to my promise!

If that happens, then I apologise to all Audrey fans and all Yaguchi fans...

But it's not going to lead to anything.

(^。^; )

You don't need to worry ☆

Okay, I'll talk to you soon ♪♪♪

Gold House is on Fuji TV, January 3 at 23:40 ☆

I'm going to be on TV a lot in the next few days, the 1st, the 2nd, and the 3rd!

Please watch me a lot!


_2008-12-27 13:11:14

Gold House ☆

Hello, hello (^ - ^*)/

Gold House was really fun!

We talked about blogging (^w^)

I'm at 10th place right now, but I'll keep working hard!


I got a final photo with everybody ☆

Tutorial ☆

Audrey ☆

Taiyo ☆


...No, that's President Obama ☆

They're all so funny, so we had a great time ☆

Look forward to seeing it on January 3 ☆☆☆


Kasuga said on Audrey's blog that he couldn't get a photo with me, so we took one ☆

Yay v(^o^)

Such a big height difference ☆

He has such a powerful presence!


[Note: That's one of his "jokes"]


...Looks like I'm still safe on the date front ☆

Hee hee ☆

_2008-12-27 15:39:04

So sleepy...

Right now... Yaguchi is fighting against sleep...

Help me...



I'm not going to lose!

I have time now, so I'll get my eyelash extensions done!

I want to start the year looking good!

Give me the power!


...ha (-.-; )

I'm asleep ☆

|( ̄3 ̄)|

_2008-12-27 18:51:58

I got them ☆

I took a 10 minute nap, then went to get my eyelash extensions ☆



I think Natsukawa Jun has started getting them too, and artificial eyelash extensions are getting really popular now ☆


But I do recommend them!

They shorten makeup time ☆

They give you confidence even without makeup on ☆

With eyelash extensions and 1-Day Acuvue Brown Define contacts, I feel much more confident!

I fooled you, huh? ☆

Ha ha (lol)

Thank you for always giving me confidence ☆

It's very convenient these days (^∀^)ノ

Now I'm going to be on Hexagon ☆

Time to go!

_2008-12-27 23:20:10

Yay yay ☆


This photo ☆

I love it ☆

It's weird for me to say something like this, but... I think it's my favourite photo I've taken ☆

It's natural ♪♪♪

I took it with misono after Hexagon ♪♪♪

Her straight personality is the best!

She's so cool, I can respect her as a woman!

I love her honesty!

I'm still not familiar with the Hexagon family yet, but misono received me with such friendship!

She really helped me out ☆

m(_ _)m

Thank you ☆

I have to try harder ☆


Anyway, I'll try hard tomorrow!

Thank you for always supporting me guys ☆

You all help me out too!

I'm always being helped out, it seems...

(^。^; )

_2008-12-28 11:38:26

The 28th ☆

2008 is almost over!

Wow (°□°; )

...But I'm still in a hurry, with lots to do. I got my nails done at nine this morning ☆

Thank you for waking me up early, Saki ☆ m(_ _)m

Now they're all shiny ☆

The key point is...

The collection of rhinestones on the ring finger ☆

My right hand is silver.

My left hand is gold ☆

While I was getting them done, I watched the schoolkids' 30-person, 31-legged race!

It was hard to keep my tears held back...

Because it would be embarrassing if Saki saw that.


But it really was a great program!

So, where did the busy Yaguchi go next?

_2008-12-28 14:39:54

The next stop...

It was afloat-f ☆ The hot young owner Arainyo was there ☆

He's so sweet!

He cut my split ends that had been damaged by dying my roots lighter ♪

It's perfect now!

Now I'm ready for a great New Year ☆


Thank you very much ☆

And then a guy who looked like he was in Orange Range gave me a massage and a blow dry, and we had an interesting conversation ♪

"Yaguchi, do you know the English word for "earth"?"

That's what he asked me.

I answered...

"It's Earth ☆"

Full of pride ☆

"That's right! Then, do you know how to spell it?"


He said, "It's spelt E-A-R-T-H..."

And then...

He told me how he knew how to spell it!

Do you want to know?


He told me that some people think that gods were created in Greece.

And Greece is famous for its mythology.

In Greek...

"Ground" = "Eden"

"Sky" = "Heaven"

The first letters are E and H!

And if you look at the word "Earth", there's a word between E and H!

"Art" = "Art"

That's it ☆

In short...

"The art between the sky and the ground."

That's what he told me!

Well, that was just a little anecdote... But I thought that sounded great ☆


I love things like that ☆

Okay, where did Yaguchi go next?

Find out soon!

ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛

_2008-12-28 15:39:51

Here (-.-; )

A massage (b^ー°)

It's written like "karasu rai", but it's read as "Wu Lai" ☆

Whenever my body is at its limit, I always come here!

Anyway, my shoulders were really stiff...

My last masseur gave me a "too stiff" seal of approval!

(^。^; )

They're finally better ☆


Before even starting work today, I had a full morning at the nail salon, the beauty salon, and the massage parlour ☆

Now I'm going to have tarako pasta from Family Mart, then I've got two meetings!

Time to start work ☆

_2008-12-28 18:13:21


This was a very good day... ☆

The best day... ☆

My lucky day... ☆

The reason is...

On my way to the office, one of the staff (Yanabo)...

...I should call him Mr. Yanabo ☆ He called out to me ☆

I wondered what he wanted...

Look at this!

He gave me this!

A Dragonball/One Piece collaboration figure ☆☆☆

The Luffy version ☆

So cool ☆☆☆


I was so happy... ☆

But look at this ☆

The Goku version too!

Mr. Yanabo ☆

You rule!

( ;∇; )/~~

Thank you so much ☆ I suddenly feel much more motivated ☆

Okay, time to go to makeup ☆

_2008-12-28 20:12:44

Well, well ☆

I got my makeup done perfectly again today ☆

It's already 8:00...

It's going to be a whirlwind photoshoot ☆

I've still got one more to go!

(^ _ ^)v

I have a live broadcast tonight!

I'll tell you more soon, so please watch ☆


_2008-12-29 00:45:02

A live broadcast!

It's on at 1:05 in the morning.

It's almost time!

On TV Asahi ☆

"Lucky Number Show" ☆

Who knows what will happen?

I don't...

If you're awake, please watch it ☆


_2008-12-29 11:37:03

Good morning ☆

It seems that last night's Lucky Number Show was only broadcast in some areas...


Also it looks like a lot of people had already gone to bed before I gave you the information...

I'll fill you in faster next time!

(^。^; )

For those of you who didn't see it... ☆

Here's a photo of me completely tired after I got home last night...


That's what my hair looked like ♪

All curled up ☆

Shimako curled it for me ☆

I wore my own black and red polkadot dress ♪

[Comedy duo] Black Mayonnaise had a dressing room found for them, but I just got to run around making noise in the studio (lol)

Could you tell?

Okay, time to work hard again today ☆

_2008-12-29 15:43:23

Cookie's troubles...


Hello, this is Cookie.

I know everybody is running around busily at the end of the year.

But I'm still spending my days resting at home...

But please listen to my troubles.

The eldest daughter of the Yaguchi household, Mari...

Mari makes me do a trick when she gives me a treat.

"Stay ☆"

That's what she says.

Like this!

I have to stay still ☆

She makes me wait for ages!



She doesn't fool around...

So long...

I wait for so long...

Please let me have it...

Well, I start to get like this...

After that, she let me have it...

Mari seems to enjoy annoying me...

But we are good friends ☆

Please listen to my troubles again sometime ☆

All of that was written by Cookie!


_2008-12-29 20:29:41


Hanging around...

Chilling out...


That's how I'm spending my time...

Ha ha ☆

It's already so late ☆

The night just flew by ☆

Well, it's okay to have a day like this sometimes ☆

I've been laughing at the comedy shows on TV ☆

So peaceful ☆

o(^ - ^)o

_2008-12-30 13:38:15

Great weather ♪

Hello everybody ♪

The weather is awesome, and I'm feeling great ♪

It's the 30th today!

There's just one more day left in 2008!

And today, I've come to see Mt Fuji ♪♪♪

It's so big ☆

And so pretty ☆

It really is the best of Japan ☆

I'm touched ☆

This is a good place to come to relax, and I come here with my friends a lot ☆

It feels like I going to have a good year next year...

That's how pretty Mt Fuji looks ♪

I'm sure you all will, too!



I'm working hard tomorrow ☆

_2008-12-30 19:07:56


I saw Stitch walking around at an arcade ☆

He looked like a lost little kid wandering around!

(^。^; )

That's kind of cute ♪

I get lost all the time too...

So, I can understand how Stitch feels.

All you guardians, please don't take your eyes off the important ones you're looking after ☆

(^ - ^)

_2008-12-30 21:48:17

The end of the day

For dinner I had my ablosute, absolute, absolute favourite...



Yahoo ☆

My favourite is the cow tongue with onions ☆


I put too much onion on ☆

But that's what makes it so good ☆


With white rice...

Korean seaweed...

You can't miss that!

This was the best dinner ever...

Well done ☆

Well done ☆

I ate so much for just 3500 yen ☆

A nice little bit of happiness ☆


Heh heh...

_2008-12-31 15:19:57

New Year's Eve ☆

It's cold outside, so my nose is red...

But more importantly, it's the last day of the year...

Wow, this year went by fast!

Looking back...

From the Hello Project concert at the beginning...

Stage plays...

Lots of TV shows...

Voice acting for a movie...

Dinner shows...

A lot of events...

Starting my blog...

Going to Iceland...

And a whole lot more, so I've had a lot of work this year ☆

Thank you everybody for a great year!

I wonder if anything better will happen next year...

What kind of year will it be?

I can't imagine ☆

But I want to try a lot of things and increase my skills even more ☆

Look forward to seeing Yaguchi, 2009 Version!


Okay, I'm off to my last job of the year!

Everybody live this last day of the year with no regrets ☆


_2008-12-31 17:02:58

Girls' Dressing Room ☆

Here's what today's dressing room was like ☆

[Yasuda Misako, Yasu Megumi, Yaguchi Mari, Ozawa Akane, misono, Sato Rika, Matsui Erina]

Yay (^∀^)ノ

Too fun ♪

First of all, I had my New Year's noodles ☆

Am I trying to eat too much?

I'm on Fuji TV live from 6:30 today ☆

"FNS 2008 Quiz"

Try to answer the questions with me ♪

I still have some time, so I'm going to read a book ☆

This book!

["Daikinboshi" by Mizuno Keiya]

I just bought it at Tsutaya, but I love Mizuno's books ☆

I can't wait to read it ♪

_2009-01-01 01:45:38

Happy New Year ☆

It's a new year!

Please keep supporting me in 2009 ☆

We all watched the countdown from the party hall ♪

Mai-chan is so busy!

Good job on Kouhaku ☆

There's no question, 2008 was the year of the Hexagon Family!

I know you've been really busy, but you've done a good job!

Good for you (^O^) Mai-chan ☆☆☆

And then, back to the dressing room for a toast with the girls!

Let's all work together in the new year ☆

That's the fun way we started it off ☆


Please stay with me for the whole year ☆

And happy birthday to my mother!

Okay, tomorrow it's finally time for Kakushi Gei ♪

I'm going to have fun in my kimono ♪

Finally, thank you to all my fans for the past year ☆

I can't wait to see you all again in various places this year!

_2009-01-01 11:30:58

My first dream ☆

I'm tired... (ρд-)zZZ

Good morning everybody ☆


Have you already had your New Year's soup?

Did you eat your New Year's food?

I haven't yet ☆

And did you have your first dream of the year?

I did ☆

I don't really remember it clearly though...

I was in something like an amusement park, and I was doing a game show ☆

It seemed so real...

It was a game show where you got dunked in the water, and I won it ☆

Sekine Tsutomu was there with his kid ☆

Anyway, it was a really intense quiz, and there were a lot of people crying behind me...

When I made it through, I took a taxi to a convenience store ☆

...And then I woke up!



Dreams are weird.

Anyway, dreaming about work is exhausting...

I think I'll go back to sleep to dream about something else ♪

Yay (^∀^)ノ

Back to sleep ☆

Happy ☆

_2009-01-01 14:26:35

Yaguchi style New Year's ☆

I'm having a quiet, normal New Year's Day ♪

My father and sister are checking their lottery numbers ☆

It looks like they won 300 yen ♪


I ate my New Year's food ♪

So extravagent ☆

There's lobster and abalone in there.

{{( >_<; )}}

Wow! ☆

I got it from someone at work ♪


Thank you!

And then...

My mother's special New Year's soup ♪

It's made with a soy base and chicken stock ♪

I love my mother's New Year's soup ☆

And what about Cookie?

He's here ♪

On my lap ☆


So cute ♪

So, that's how I've been relaxing before work on New Year's Day ♪

_2009-01-01 18:18:55

Up next...

Kakushi Gei is starting, so watch it ☆

It's just about to start ☆


I'd better go!

_2009-01-01 22:45:57

Yay ☆

Yay ☆

Yay ☆

I'm so happy I got 50 points on Kakushi Gei!

And I got the "Best of Kakushi Gei" prize!

Thank you so much to everybody who supported me, and everybody who voted for me ☆

m(_ _)m

I took a photo of the Kakushi Gei team ♪

They're all doing the Sexy Beam ☆


Nakayama Hide's wonderful acting really moved me once again ☆

No matter how hard it got, he didn't let it look hard as he supported us, so I'm really thankful!

And the staff and everybody who looks ofter us were all really good to us ☆

It felt like we all worked together to create something good ☆☆☆☆☆

Anyway, it was a great way to start 2009!

I want to keep riding on this wave ☆☆

_2009-01-02 17:35:03

Oink ☆ Oink ☆

I slept so much...

I slept too much...

I really do feel like I've been through New Year's now...

I have to be careful I don't gain weight...

But now, I'm going to have some black pork fillet cutlets from Kagoshima ☆

Oink ☆ Oink ☆

Yeah ☆

This is such a feast ☆


I'm so glad I was born on this Earth!

_2009-01-02 21:46:14

Ah, ah ☆

Not good...

I've been lying around too much, and now I think I'm about to melt...

I'm going to watch the Crayon Shin-chan movie I rented from Tsutaya ☆


I've seen the complete Shin-chan movies, but I'll watch anything funny 10 or 20 times ☆


Crayon Shin is the best ☆

And there's one other thing I've been using to relax lately ☆

A fragrance from Sabon ☆

(You can see Ameba in the background ☆)

This fragrance is so nice ♪


It's called "White Blossom" ☆

As soon as I put it in my room...

"Oh, I really am a girl ☆"

That's how it felt ♪

Thank you ☆

m(_ _)m

I've been using things like this to help heal my tired body ☆

Yeah, New Year's is the best!

Okay ♪

Time to watch Crayon Shin ♪♪


Under the warm kotatsu ♪

_2009-01-02 23:53:06


I finished watching Crayon Shin-chan ♪

It was "Crayon Shin-chan: The Storm Called Glorious Grilled Meat Road"...

That yakiniku looked good...


For a moment I thought about going out for some, but at this hour...

So what did Yaguchi do?

Yay ( ̄○ ̄; )

That's what I did!


I'm full of regrets!

I really want yakiniku...

(ρ_; )

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