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  Tanaka Reina's radio show FIVE STARS: Translations EP066 2008.12.31  
  Hello!Project Written by turbos86 , updated: 22:29, 1-Jan 2009  


Five rotating host who aims at the twinkling stars. The five stars delivering talks and music, this is FIVE STARS.
Your host for Wednesday is Tanaka Reina from Morning Musume.
Listeners of InterFM, good evening!

Ah~ Today is New Year's eve~ There's only five hours left before the end of this year. Ah, tomorrow, everyone will be saying "Happy New Year" when greeting each others. Speaking of new year, everyone is on holiday, relaxing at home from school and work. There must be a lot of new year food to enjoy, while lazying around. You'll be thinking that school and work are such hassles during the holidays, so let's change the mood and we can all work hard! Um, and on the day after tomorrow, it's the annual Hello! Project new years concert. Let's start 2009 together with all the Hello! Project members with a bang! Those who have time, please come and join us, we'll be waiting! Well, let's change the topic now, all of a sudden. You all know that I love watching movies and I often report it here on FIVE STARS what I have watched. Um I've counted how many movies I have watched this year. If I remember correctly, it's about...twelve? that I've watched. I didn't start writing down the schedule until May. From January to May, that I didn't write down, I went to watch something during those months for sure, but I can't really remember what did I do and what did I watch back then. As December is coming to an end, I went to the movie theater three days in a roll and I've discovered something new. And that is, I found a new movie theater! I didn't think I would find it in such a close by familiar location. The place is really big and nice. Compared to other theaters, there are so many more movies being shown at one time. Also, there are lots of food, beside popcorn, there are also things like, mini donuts, french fries, ice cream and more. It looks like I've found a nice place. So the movies I've watch during those three days were, the first day I saw Tropic Thunder, on the second day Blindness, and on the third day Red Cliff. Tropic Thunder was the most interesting film I've watched in 2008! It's about these three different kinds of actors who have been gathered together to film a war movie. But the director thought something was missing and put them into a real war zone, so he could create a more realistic movie. Not too long into it, the director steps on a land mine and his head flew away! The actors thought, "Wow, this is an interesting situation" without realizing that the weapons were all real. "Oh, what scene is it in the script?" still thinking about their own lines in the movie. A lot of other things happened, it's better to go watch it with your own eyes instead of listening to me talk about it. This is by far my best recommended movie of the year. Blindness is a movie about people on the streets suddenly becoming blind from catching it through other people. It's not explained how they've become blind. At the end, even thought they are cured, it's not explained clearly how, but it's still pretty interesting. And for Red Cliff, here's an advice for those of you who are planning to watch this for the first time. That is, to understand the story from the Romance of the Three Kingdom game. Myself, I've played that game many times before, but only for the battles so I don't really remember the names and the stories. So if you can remember the names and story line from the game, then I think you can enjoy the movie a lot better. In 2009, during my day offs, I'll go out to watch more movies for sure! This is FIVE STARS on New Year's Eve Wednesday with Tanaka Reina. In today's show, I'll be doing the first broadcast of Morning Musume's new single, Nai Chau Kamo! Please look forward to it! So we'll start off with this song today. From the unit form this summer, that I'm the self proclaimed leader, it's C\C (Cinderella \ Complex), by High-King.

[High-King - C\C (Cinderella \ Complex)]

You are listening to FIVE STARS Wednesday with Tanaka Reina. Tonight we will also look at all the mail everyone have sent in.

The first one is from You touch-san, "Reinacchi used to have blonde hair during elementary school, right? You sure are a strong witted person. What kind of elementary school student were you, please tell us!"

Since you mentioned it, you better be prepared for this! Um, this might be quite long, so I'll try my best not to sound too long winded. During elementary school, I loved myself so much! Well, I still love myself now. (Laughs) I was such a bitchy girl. It was really fun back then, even thinking about it now puts a grin on my face. For the blonde hair, ah what age did I get it dyed? I think it was during the lower grades that it was done. I don't really remember, but it must be one of those days where I was like, "Oh, let's make it brown." Since the roots were still black, so why not cover it all. That day....left it (the dye) on for too long. Somehow it turned into this really bright shiny gold color. I ended up covering my whole head like that. So that's how you get a grade 6 girl with dyed blonde hair. And so in the elementary school year book.....I was like a blonde. So that was that. During grade 5, it was like a festival. There was like a school event where you could just bring or do whatever you wanted. Together with other people that wanted to do something....back then we did, it was very popular back then, Para Para. We remembered it from watching videos of like, Night of Fire? Like Night of Fire~ (Singing) Also, there was Mickey Mouse March, those dances. I can still remember how to do some of it even now. A lot of people seen these before, haven't they. Probably because I had blonde hair, everyone noticed me. On another day, when I went shopping, I heard someone saying, "Hey, aren't you that Tanaka Reina that did Para Para?" So I was like, "Um, who are you?". Also, my seniors were like, "She's the one that Para Para", and I got some new friends like that. So I was a bitchy girl like that. I wish I can go back to those time, so I was like that~

Going to the next mail now, it's from Shin-san, "So, the Top words/phrases for 2008 has been announced. "Arafo (Around 40)" from a drama and "Gu~" by Edo Harumi-san were chosen as the top winners." Oh really? "Many other popular ones were on the list too. For me personally, it's when I received my front role ticket to a Morning Musume concert, when I used Yamamoto Takahiro-san's famous phrase, "KITA~!!! (Here it comes!)" Reina-san, what was your famous phrase for 2008? Please tell us."

Did you know I worked with Yamamoto Takahiro-san. It was during the musical called, "Acchii Chikyuu wo Samasunda". Actually, back during the time of the musical, it was the same. Even during that time, it wasn't said a lot. (Laughs) Recently, we've ran into each other after a long time, "Ah, now I've done it, how is it, it's on sale recently isn't it~" and talked about some other things like, "What are you talking about~" etc, talking about the time before, and that's good. My favorite phrase for 2008 would have to be....um..."Wi~shu"...from DAIGO-san. Hum, not "Wi-shu", instead of this, "Tashika ni~" ("Certainly", another phrase of DAIGO). It's a phrase that everyone uses normally, but if you just say it a little differently, it suddenly becomes a popular phrase. So I like "Tashika ni~". But I want my phrase, "OtsukaReina" to be on the list. I think this year, I've used it the most through out the year. So next year... what should I do? If I could find something new, that would be great. Please let me know if you guys have any good ideas.

On to the next mail, it's from Senchi-san, "It has completely become cold, hasn't it. So I have a question, for Reina-chan, what kind of winter-ish food do you eat? For me, I like to eat Nabe (Pot) in the winter."

That's right, ummm. Winter-ish food.....Meat buns! When I see the steam coming off the meat buns at the convenience store, it's like "Ah, winter is here~". I don't eat it a lot, beside relating it to the cold weather, when you split open it in halves, the steam will come gushing out. Also, probably nabe. The pot at my house, lately, we got a lot of ingredients to put in it! Um, many types of meats. Before, it was usually just minced meat...balls, meat balls! Now it's like Shabu Shabu style with thin cut meat, and chicken. The chicken taste really good! Minced meat, and aburage! And then there's...there's what else? Um, tofu and Chinese cabbage....but to be honest, the Chinese cabbage at my house doesn't taste that good, so I don't really eat it. And there's like hackberries. So since there are so many different ingredients, it's always fun to have nabe. And then there is....Oden! Well, we haven't had oden at home lately, but back in Fukuoka when I was in elementary school, we ate it a lot. We had rice and side dishes for the oden. But do rice go well with oden? does it? Some people might like it, but I really hated it, this combination! When I know we are going to have oden, I would feel blue because if I leave the rice behind, I'd get scolded. So I would try to eat all the rice up first with the side dishes, then I can enjoy the oden without rice. I hated oden back then, but my taste have changed and I like it now. Eating oden in the winter time is also enjoyable. So that's it, I'll be looking forward to more mail from everyone. Please mail to me, whether it is song request or you just want to talk. The email address is [email protected] Here's the next song, from the EXILE Ballad Best album, Michi.

[EXILE - Michi]

That was Michi, by EXILE. I listen to this best album everyday when I'm traveling to work in the car. There are lots of songs I like in this album, and Michi is one of them. There's more of the last 2008 episode of FIVE STARS with Tanaka Reina after this.

[L'Arc-en-Ciel - Winter Fall]

That was Winter Fall by L'Arc-en-Ciel, a request from Panchi @ Living in Britain-san. You are listening to FIVE STARS Wednesday with Tanaka Reina. Next it's the "MY FIVE STARS" segment where each of the FIVE STARS host gives a five star rating to everything and anything. Um, at our management office, we received a lot of presents and letter from our fans. Lately I've received things like boots, clothes from the brand one spo from 109. Just recently, miraculously I received clothes that I already have, but in a different color. I was like, "Wow!" I was surprised because it was one of the colors not stocked (at the store when she went). I think everyone knows well what things that I like. This time I received three pairs of boots, the other members were envious like "You're so lucky". Also I got some ear rings, scarfs and knitted hats. Not too long ago, I received a pink alarm clock. It matched the design of my room perfectly and I put it up right away! And then this also made me happy. You know how I always say I'm not good with the cold weather, so it must of been sent after hearing me say that. So like socks for indoors, that are really fluffy, and even a hot water bottle. I really use these at home! When I first joined Morning Musume, I was surprised to received fan letters right away. I was really happy about it, so happy that I wanted to thank those people directly. So I replied to all of them. I noted down all their names, and replied at a considerably enthusiastic high pace. But in the midst of it, I ran out of letter sets that I used and I didn't have time to buy more, so I stopped writing them. I got exhausted from various things, and didn't reply to everyone, it's still about the same right now. I want to reply to all, but it's really hard. But I do read all the fan letters that I've received, and if I have time, I do feel like replying to all of them. You know, I'm honestly happy about this and it really gives me energy. There are like people that would write like five pages just for me, and also simple messages attached to gifts like, "Please accept this" or like, "Please use this". I feel it's such a blessing because of so many people supporting me in all these different ways. I hope everyone will keep supporting me and Morning Musume from now on. Therefore, today I give FIVE STARS to all the fans~

[Morning Musume - Nai Chau Kamo]

Today's last song was the first ever broadcast of Morning Musume's new song, Nai Chau Kamo, that will be on sale February 18th. We will be performing this song in the Wonderful hearts new year's concert, please look forward to it! This is the last FIVE STARS Wednesday with Tanaka Reina of Morning Musume for 2008. Um, like I have just mentioned, Hello!Project 2009 Winter Wonderful Hearts kouen ~Kakumei Gannen~ will begin at Nakano Sun Plaza on the day after tomorrow, on January 2nd. And then, Hello!Project 2009 Winter Kettei! Hello! Award '09 ~Elder's Club graduation commemoration special~ supported by Yokohama Arena 20th Anniversary will be at Yokohama Arena for 2 days, from January 31st to February 1st next year. Please come and join us! Please send all your mail to me, whether it's song request or you just want to talk, I'll be waiting for them. The email address is [email protected] Tomorrow's host is Nakajima Takui-san. So~ Have a good New Year!

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