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  Tanaka Reina's radio show FIVE STARS: Translations EP064 2008.12.17  
  Hello!Project Written by turbos86 , updated: 8:01, 26-Dec 2008  


Five rotating host who aims at the twinkling stars. The five stars delivering talks and music, this is FIVE STARS.
Your host for Wednesday is Tanaka Reina from Morning Musume.
Listeners of InterFM, good evening!

Um, just recently, I've received a mail from former Country Musume member, Asami-san, after a long time. I was curious why she mail me all of a sudden. She was wondering how I was doing and wanted to mail me. Along with the mail, she sent some photo sticker pictures. Her hair and stuff were all the same as before. She asked what I was up to lately and how I was doing. Speaking of that, I used to hang out at her house for meals and we'd go to Karaoke together. It made me think of all the debt...debt?! (Reina mispronounced a syllable and completely changed the meaning of the sentence) I mean, it made me think of the past. Spending time at her place really improved our friendship. We don't usually have a chance to meet up at Hello! Project concerts, so somehow, we kind of hit it off during the concert rehearsals. Like we ate bento boxes together. Asami-san would tell me anything about herself. She's really open about her own self. If only she was still in H!P now. She seems to be doing well, and that's what matter most. Let's change the topic now. Um....JunJun, our very own JunJun of Morning Musume. She writes weird mails. I somewhat mentioned this during the concerts (MC) already, those of you who have attended that concert might remember this. On my birthday, I received a lot of cute congratulations messages. You know those plates (I think she means something like an e-card Japanese cell phones) like with Happy Birthday written on them. So normally, you have to sign up and pay money in-order to use them. But on the main pages of those sites, there are often some sample to show what's inside the sites. So JunJun just took the sample image, wrote Happy Birthday, but with the word "SAMPLE" in red, smack right on top of it and just sent it to me like that. I figured she spend so much time and effort making that for me, so at that time, I didn't say anything about it. The theme to the MC segment for the concert was "Yabai talk" (OMG talk). So umm, I thought this would be funny to mention and talked a lot about it in front of everyone. Also, at the end of a text, she'd always put a "wa". It probably means nothing. I've never asked her about it, so I'm not sure about this. For example, "Right now, I'm at Shibuya wa." And like that time when we didn't meet up for a week because we had a different work schedule, "Tomorrow, I get to meet up with Tanaka-san after a long time wa." or "I'll bring you the present tomorrow wa." She just put "wa" at the end of everything, and the only emoticon she use is heart. It's pretty interesting, the "wa" is written in Katakana so many times, and it's not like it's Kansai-ben. Oh well, doesn't matter, as long as it's interesting~ I personally think that JunJun is really good at sweet talking to people, she can get across what she wants to anyone, so her popularity is really soaring lately. But sometimes it's pretty irritating when you don't understand what she's trying to say. (Laughs) It's not that she doesn't understand Japanese. It's just that her meanings are so hard to understand. Can't understand what she's trying to say. So she might be anxious or not, but she's not trying to be bad, so there's no way to dislike her. I'd love for her to keep this hard to understand characteristic. So this is FIVE STARS Wednesday with Tanaka Reina. Tonight we'll also go over listener's mail, do FIVE STARS talk and have music, please be looking forward to it. We'll start off tonight's show with a song request from [email protected] From Morning Musume's Ahu Yuu-san Tribute cover album [COVER YOU], a cover of Sakurada Junko-san's "Watashi no Aoi Tori".

[Morning Musume - Watashi no Aoi Tori]

You are listening to FIVE STARS Wednesday with Tanaka Reina. Tonight we will also look at all the mail everyone have sent in.

First one is from Su-san, "Yappi, Reina-chan who's forever 13 years old." Actually, after I became 19, I've become forever 16 years old. Please remember it, I'm forever 16 years old. (Laughs) "I have a question for you. What Christmas present should I get for a girl who will become a middle school student next year? Please help this old guy who doesn't know what is the latest trend."

Ehhhhh, what's good??? I heard middle school students these days like to personalize things. Something like accessories would be nice. But accessories, you gotta have some relationship with that person. (Laughs) If you ask me, I'd be happy to get a stationary set. Like a cute eraser, mechanical pencil and....note book. Profile notebook....is that still popular? It was popular for my era. Anyways, maybe like a desk pad for the school desk. Try to pick something with a popular character on it. I don't know which is popular these days. I bet she'll be happy with a stationary set she can use at school. It's fun to show it to your friends, the matching set. So probably I think these will be great. ....I know! Accessories would feel too heavy....well, it depends on the person. I think it's great to give something like a woollen hat or scarf to keep the body warm, that's nice. Look for what color she likes or what color is good. Great, that's decided! Please give it a try.

Next mail is from Yuutsu Niko-san (Melancholy cat), "I recently started working part time at a fast food restaurant. But I sound so gloom. I know that being in the service industry, being bright and cheerful is one of the basics. Since I'm a naturally introverted person, this is quite hard for me. How can I be able to talk so bright and cheerfully like Reina-san? Please teach me."

Ummm, I don't know about being naturally bright and cheerful, so I said. That's not really helping here. Um, what to say.... Well, when I first joined Morning Musume, I was still not familiar with the surroundings, and being with so many senpais, I didn't really talk. Like I had no mouth, I was really scary. Like I had a very unfriendly look. But how ah....... How about getting friendly with those bright and cheerful people around you. What's that saying. Like, you become like those around you. Ah, what should I say... Like, everyone has a famous celebrity right, so like act like that celebrity. For me, I sometime do that at concerts too. Who? you ask, I'm not gonna tell you. (Laughs) It's like changing you mood. So when you're trying to be friendly with those bright and cheerful people around you, you can go like "Who am I?", ask them who you're acting like. Or like say "Welcome!". Oh I know, you can act like me! (In a high pitch tone) "Welcome!" please give it a try. (Laughs)

Next mail is from Toriga Happy-san, "Reina-chan, good evening. I have a question. I love going to lives, I go to about 20 a year. Reina-chan, you seem to like watching DVD of other artist, so have you actually gone to watch any of them perform live?"

That's right, I'm done with the DVDs. Well, I do wanna go. The ones I want to go see live are these ones that you guys all know I like. Like, EXILE, Tohoshiki, and GIRL NEXT DOOR....I don't know if they concerts or not, but I'd love to go if they have. Actually, I heard there's an EXILE concert soon. I absolutely want to go, but I absolutely have no free time in my schedule for it. It's kind of too bad, but if I ever get a chance, I'll go for sure!

Going to the next mail, it's from Leon-san, "I'm a brat in grade 8 (second year of middle school) who's good at going to bed late and waking up late. (Laughs) The classes at school lately are really boring. I don't have a friend that I can get along with everyone is focused on themselves, and this troubles me. Reina-chan, how were you like when you were in grade 8? Please tell me, Angel Reina!"

it said "Angel Reina"...ehh, when I was in grade 8? That's the year I transferred school, from Fukuoka to Tokyo. I'm just gonna say this now, but I really hated that school, the one in Tokyo! When I just transferred over, I couldn't make any friends. Probably because I didn't open myself up to others. Somehow, I never stayed behind the classroom either. My friends stayed behind, but really, there weren't much I could chat about (with them). Since I didn't know them that well. However, I did chat with the school nurse. Back then, I didn't look too healthy, physically. The nurse was worried and told me I could sleep in the infirmary if I wanted to. Anyways, I don't really remember much about grade 8. If I stayed in Fukuoka, I would of had more self confident. I could of been the bitchy girl with too much confident. No matter how I put this, I liked the school....back in Fukuoka. So I think there's no need to force yourself to get along with people! It didn't for me, even over a period of time. Anyways, I'll be looking forward to more mail from everyone. Please mail to me, whether it is song request or you just want to talk. The email address is [email protected] Since it's almost Christmas, the next song is Last Christmas by EXILE.

[EXILE - s Last Christmas]

That was from EXILE's BALLET BEST album, a cover of Wham!'s Last Christmas. There's more FIVE STARS with Tanaka Reina after this.

[Abe Natsumi - Soyokaze]

That was FIVE STARS Monday's host, Abe Natsumi-san, from her best album, Abe Natsumi Best Selection - 15 Shoku no Nigaoe Tachi, Soyokaze. You are listening to FIVE STARS Wednesday with Tanaka Reina. Next it's the "MY FIVE STARS" segment where each of the FIVE STARS host gives a five star rating to everything and anything. Um, not too long ago, we had delivery for dinner one night. For the first time, I saw the leaflets/flyers...menu from that place. When I opened it up to read, it surprised me! How do I say this, the prices were really high! I was like "forget it", but mom was like "please~". She was super interested in it. The most expensive thing was 7000yen (roughly $77 USD). Mom wanted that, but I picked something cheaper....actually the cheapest thing on the list. (Laughs) So that bento was delivered to us. Somehow, the bento box didn't seem right. It was firm and lacking in moisture. Looks really solid. Overall, the taste was of course...good~ But it has to be good, I thought. How much was the cheapest one? Um, about 1500yen ($16 USD) Mom was like, "It'll be weird if it doesn't taste good". She couldn't complain because she wanted it. So what she wanted were something like a cutlet and hamburger (meat). But somehow, the cutlet surprisingly had lots of flavor without anything on it. Probably because it was so expensive that it felt that way. Maybe I'll ask for the 7000yen one next time there's a special occasion. It'll be great if this happen during work! I say this, but it'll never happen. So today I want to give FIVE STARS to the delivery place. Well I wanted to, but I don't feel like doing that. So let's talk about something else. Starting this month, we've began working toward the release of our next single "Nai Chau kamo", coming out next February. The dance, I think, it's not intense, but more difficult than I had imagined. The arrangement of 9 people is difficult, honestly, it's impossible! Well, I say it's impossible, by the way things are going now. So we still need more practice. We still haven't got it once yet, so we shall do it during......the next lesson. (Laughs) This song is like...how do I say this, it's not a ballet, the lyrics are pretty sad. It's like the opposing feelings from a girl and a guy. It's like an unspeakable feeling....not really unspeakable, but like a feeling hard to express. How should I say this, the lyrics are negative. I think when girls look at the lyrics, they'll go, "Ah, I understand." Therefore, today I give FIVE STARS to "Nai Chau kamo".

[Morning Musume - ROMANCE]

Today's last song was from Morning Musume's Ahu Yuu-san Tribute cover album [COVER YOU], ROMANCE. This is FIVE STARS Wednesday with Tanaka Reina. Here are some announcements. On December 24th, Alo Hello! 3 Morning Musume DVD will go on sale. This DVD is filled with all our happy emotions, please do check it out! Also, Hello!Project 2009 Winter Wonderful Hearts kouen ~Kakumei Gannen~ will be at Nakano Sun Plaza on January 2nd next year. And then, Hello!Project 2009 Winter Kettei! Hello! Award '09 ~Elder's Club graduation commemoration special~ supported by Yokohama Arena 20th Anniversary will be at Yokohama Arena from January 31st to February 1st next year. Please send all your mail to me, whether it's song request or you just want to talk, I'll be waiting for them. The email address is [email protected] Tomorrow's host is Nakajima Takui-san. I'll see you all next week. Let's also work hard tomorrow, GanbaReina!

From the FIVE STARS official website

Message from REINA☆12/18

Today was the PV filming of Morning Musume's new song "Nai Chau Kamo" that will be release on February 18th.(/ω\*)

It's finish so I'm on my way back 八(´∀`*)
It's raining.....

Ahhh~it's so long (Sweat;)
This free time (Laughs)

For the filming~ a lot of different things were done(つ*∀*)つ 〃
as for the details~
maybe some other day!! (Laughs)
I'll talk about it on FIVE☆STARS♪
Please look forward to it(σ・∀・)σ

Right now I'm listening to JUJU-san's [Sunao ni Naretara] as the car is swaying, it's soaking in.(つ∀^

.......I'm getting car sickness. Laughs

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