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  Ogawa Mana interview  
  Hello!Project Written by epifanes & Kuno , updated: 16:37, 11-Dec 2008  
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Ogawa Mana
Age: 15 (Date of birth: 1993.07.02)
Belongs to NICE GIRL Project, and is a member of the vocal unit Canary Club.
Not just a singer, she also appears in anime, dramas, commercials and more.
She's debuting as a solo singer with the opening theme to the anime, "Hyakko".

Q: What character are you playing this time?
A: Nikaidou Hitsugi, who I am playing now, is actually a grade schooler, but she is very good in science and math. Therefore, she's leveled up to high school. In short, a genius girl. (laughs) As for her personality, she is a shy and rather quiet girl.

Q: Does she resemble you in any way?
A: I'm also a bit shy, so that's where we are similar. In my case, the more I become friends with someone, the more I start to talk. But still, I'm shy. That doesn't mean I hate people or anything. (laughs)

Q: Was there something you had to pay attention to while playing this role?
A: This work is based on original script, so I had to be careful not to ruin the image of the original Hitsugi-chan. I've been asking myself, "Is it okay like this?" all the time.

Q: What advice did you get from the director?
A: I've been told to be more quiet, compared to high-tension characters.

Q: At any rate, your character has rather specific name.
A: That's true. I wasn't able to read it at first. (laughs) But it has a nice ring to it. I like Hitsugi-chan.

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Q: How did you like being a voice actress?
A: I've done work like this once before, but for that, I was working with people of the same age. But in "Hyakko", there were many older people around me...That was really something else (laughs). During dubbing sessions, it made me constantly think, "There really is an anime being produced here."

Q: But this time, you're not only appearing as a voice actress, but you're also singing the opening theme, "Suppin Rock".
A: As the name says, it's a rock song. There's lot of energy in it! Also, it was easy to sing, as the lyrics contain lot of things I could empathize with. I've gotten a few chances to perform it live, and I've seen the audience having fun during it. That gives me the feeling that when the anime airs, people in front of the TV are having fun as well!

Q: You've been a part of Canary Club until now. How has singing solo been different for you?
A: I've been singing solo in Canary Club as well, but really, that had more of a "This is Ogamana from Canary Club" feeling... Therefore, now that I've become the solo artist Ogawa Mana, I'm able to see things in new perspective.

Q: Lastly, please send a message to all our readers.
A: I was really happy to get a chance to not only appear as a voice actress, but also to sing the opening theme. I hope you'll watch the anime and listen to the song many times, and I also hope you will support me in the future!

Ogawa Mana
"Suppin Rock"
On Sale Now!

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