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Hello!Project Kobushi Factory - Dosukoi! Kenk. (0)
Hello!Project Kobushi Factory - Dosukoi! Kenk. (0)
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  ºC-ute's "Yorosen" controversy  
  Hello!Project Written by epifanes & Kuno , updated: 19:30, 8-Dec 2008  
  On the 8th of this month, the homepages of TV Tokyo and production company SSM posted an apology message regarding TV Tokyo's late-night show "Yorosen!", which aired on the 4th of this month. In this episode, Adolf Hitler, the leader of nazi-era Germany, was treated as a "great person".

This show is being hosted by Hello!Project talents. In the special corner "The world's great people!", Hitler was casually called "Uncle Hitler" by ºC-ute's members, who were also imitating him and drawing his pictures.

Regarding this, TV Tokyo posted an apology, saying the show contained "Improper contents based on an insufficient knowledge of history". SSM also apologized with a statement, stating "The check system inside our company was lacking" and a promise to be more careful in preventing a similar incident from happening again in the future.

If you'd like to see the episode for yourself, you can download it from our tracker via these links:

Raw (thanks lma282): Yorosen! 044 (081204 1024x576)
English subtitled (thanks Hello!Fansubs): [H!F] Yorosen! - Week 9 (Dec. 01 - 05) (H264)

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