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  Iida Kaori's child passes away [Updated]  
  Hello!Project Written by B.Slade & Kuno , updated: 6:38, 29-Nov 2008  
  It was revealed today that Iida Kaori's 6-month-old child (whose name is not publicly known) died on July 27, 2008 due to chronic renal failure.

---Iida Kaori Comment---

This is a personal matter, but I have some news I would like to share.
On July 27, my son passed away from chronic renal failure.
I loved him more than anyone, and he meant so much to me that all I could do was cry.
At first, I couldn't even think about what lay ahead, but after laying him to rest, I've been slowly able to go out, and had a chance to talk with the staff. I think that what I do from now will be for my son's memory. So I decided that moving forward and staying positive is the best memorial I can give to my son.
Moving forward and staying positive, what does that mean... When I thought about that, I decided that returning to work after my time off, and being in front of my fans for the first time. So I discussed it with the staff.

To help me deal with this, it hasn't just been my family, but my friends and all the staff supporting me. I won't forget my gratitude as I do my best in my own way and work hard for the sake of my son.

I'm sure this has caused trouble and concern for everybody, but please continue to support me.


Iida Kaori

---Up-Front Agency Comment---

Information about Iida Kaori

Iida Kaori (27), who went on maternity leave at the end of the Morning Musume 10th Anniversary concert on September 1, 2007, lost her young son (born January 22) on July 27 as a result of chronic renal failure. He was hospitalised immediately after being born due to kidney problems, and Iida spent her time going to and from the hospital to visit him. But in April, he was released from hospital, and she began spending her days looking after him at home, to the relief of all of us. So this news was a shock to us. At first we had no idea what to even say. But with support from her husband, her parents, and her friends, she's been gradually getting better.

After laying her son to rest at the end of September, we had a chance to meet with her for a discussion. At first she said things like "I can't even think of what lies ahead", but gradually she started to say things such as "Moving on and staying positive would be the best memorial for my son." But what would it mean to move on and stay positive... We discussed this with her many times, and decided it would mean returning to show business after her time off.

We met to decide when and where she should make her comeback, and she agreed that reappearing at the Hello Project Elder Club ~Thank you for your LOVE~ concert that begins on January 10 at Nakano Sun Plaza would be best. She said, "Taking my first new step in front of all the fans who have always supported me seems like the natural thing to do."

Finally, we would like to apologise for the late nature of this news. Please understand it was important for Iida's mental state and forgive us for the delay. And please watch warmly over Iida Kaori as she begins to move forward positively.


Up Front Agency
Chief Representative Director Mochida Youji

_2008-11-29 12:24:54


I'm sure a lot of you have heard the news already, but on July 27, Iida Kaori's son passed away.

I didn't know about it, so I was very shocked to hear.

I had no idea Kaori was going through something so painful.

She says that she plans on returning to show business, and I hope I can help her.

So everybody, please give her your warm support.

We pray for his happiness in the next world.

After this, I won't be blogging for the rest of the day.

I'm sorry.

I'll do my best from tomorrow.

(Yaguchi Mari)

Iida Kaori.

Last night, I heard the story about Iida's baby. I was surprised, and at the same time, it pained my heart.

To be honest, I'm not sure what I should say...

Iida is an important part of Hello Project, and a senpai I love. I'm just her inexperienced junior, so please bear with me!

I'm looking forward to January when we can do a concert together!

(Ogawa Makoto)

_2008-11-29 14:03:15

Filming is finished

I was shocked to hear the news about Iida Kaori's child.

She was the one who trained Nozomi and took care of her.

Nozomi didn't know about this either, and now she's really sad.

As for myself, what can I say...

I can't really find the words...

I pray for his happiness in the next world.

(Sugiura Taiyou, husband of former Morning Musume member Tsuji Nozomi)



I'm sure many of you have heard the news, but the son of my student Kenji (formerly of 7HOUSE) and Iida Kaori (formerly of Morning Musume) passed away after a short six month life.

The two of them gave me the news when it happened.

I'm sure that nobody can understand exactly how painful it must be to go through. I've talked a lot, but I have trouble coming up with the words to say. I came to the painful realisation that we human beings are still inexperienced.

But as the days went past, I was concerned for Kenji as he concentrated on his work, supported his wife, and tried to stay positive as he went on.

And Iida still has so much talent. The music and art that she loves are always her ally, and those two will always be her support.

She herself has said that performing wonderful music for her fans would be the thing that makes her son the happiest, and I agree.

I haven't really said anything significant here, but in my heart, I pray for his happiness in the next world.


2008/11/29(土) 17:52

No matter who you are

The morning light will cover you

And every day

Time passes


The warm message of that song has encouraged me and cheered me up.

There are times when the energy in a song can completely change a person.

The future

Friends that I think will always be with me through our lives

Friends to encourage and be encouraged by

I hope everybody will come to see the compilation of what those friends and I have created over these 10 years.

The 2009 Spring Concert.

I'll be waiting for you with all my heart.

(Nakazawa Yuko)


Here's Morning Musume's "Mikan", the song Nakazawa was referring to.
Credit goes to agrayrainbow for the English subtitles.


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