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  Kago Ai Official Blog: Translations 2008.10.23 - 2008.10.29  
  Hello!Project Written by B.Slade & Kuno , updated: 18:31, 29-Oct 2008  
  Because I love you today!
2008/10/23 15:00 日記

Good evening ☆ I'm leading the girls' talk on a certain TV show at a certain place!

Yesterday, I had a talk with Iwai Shunji and Kawai Shinya at the Tokyo International Film Festival ☆ I was nervous, but if I could work with them some day... ☆ That's what we talked about!

Today, I'm a guest along with model Tsutsui Mami and Hamada Britney!

I've already shown Mami on my blog recently ☆ I think we'll be talking about a lot of private things (lol)

Oh, I'm in "Pinky"!


Why? Why? It's a mystery
2008/10/24 15:30 日記

Yesterday's talk got out of hand, sometimes like girl talk, sometimes like old men talking (lol)

It's raining in Tokyo, guys! Rainy days are so cold...

The talk with Iwai was really surprising, and everyone there, including myself, was wondering, "Why Kago?"... Sorry... But I was just glad that I mentioned having seen "Swallowtail" in my blog (lol), since I got to talk to him before the event in Tokyo.

Oh, I think I'm going to have some very good news for you all soon! I start my recording sessions next week ☆

Thank you so much for all your loving messages here every day (v^-゜) They make me happy.

But I know from experience that if I don't keep calm in happy times like this, I'll mess things up... So I want to keep working hard. I've had a lot of chances to talk at work lately, but I find I talk as though I'm at work when I talk with friends too... "Sou nan desu yo ne!!" ["Oh, really!"] or "Wakarimashita~" ["I understand"]... Oh dear...

Please continue to be my friends, though!


News flash ☆ Special presents!
2008/10/24 19:15

Thank you for your continued support. To show our gratitude, we have planned some special presents for you. If you're not a member yet, this is the perfect chance to join the Biscuit Club. Please back up Ai with all your might.

☆ Presents & News ☆
2008/10/24 17:00

We have good news for all Biscuit Club members.

Ten of Ai's original t-shirts (autographed), and five copies of the fanclub exclusive original DVD "LOVE BASKET 2008 Autumn" (autographed) will be given away as presents.

Entries are accepted until the end of the month (October 31). Entries are welcome from current members and those who join.

Please enter with your name, address, age, sex, your preference of t-shirt or DVD (include your shirt size), and a message of support if you like, and submit them on the "members exclusive message form".

NB: Entries are limited to one of either the t-shirt or the DVD.

On December 6, a DVD release event will be held for "Kago-Channel" in Tokyo.

Please be sure to attend.

2008/10/25 14:55 日記

Hello ☆

I haven't watched any movies lately...

I'm taking a bit of a break from them while I get into this American drama called "The L Word".

Ah... I want to eat some nice kani zousui [crab stew] (☆_☆)


Introduction Beam!
2008/10/27 13:10 日記

Hello! Sorry I didn't post an update yesterday (*_*) Did you miss me?

Look, I had a pedicure! I got them done in a purple-brown colour with a few rhinestones ☆ They look really pretty, and I got them done at my friend Matsushita Michiko's store "Tout Soleil".

Michiko was on a business trip, so the pretty ladies there did it for me instead ☆☆ It all felt so chic ♪

Tout Soleil has so many pretty nails to choose from, so I recommend to all you girls! And guys, tell the pretty girls about it! They also do art makeup, eyelash perming, and false eyelashes! I've only had my nails done there, though... If you want to go, here's their URL: http://www.tout-soleil.com

The phone number is 03-5428-1901 ☆

Today is a meeting day.

Talk to you later!

There, I introduced it for you!


Good work!
2008/10/27 19:50 日記

Spicy Korean hot pot with makgeolli to wash it down!

I'm really liking this makgeolli. It tastes goood ☆ Hot pot tastes even better with other people here!

Guys... Cheers ☆

Be careful not to drink to much.


Here she is... Downy!
2008/10/28 12:05 日記

I'm so happy I had that great hot pot yesterday! It was so spicy it made me break out in a sweat!

I don't like the cold, so maybe that was a good thing p(^^)q

It turns out I get pretty giggly when I'm drunk. Yesterday, I was playing with a glass of water... I showed off my reaction to "thinking this glass of water is tea, when it's actually sake". (lol) You should try that yourself! It's funnier than you'd expect (^O^)/

Today, I'm at the studio to work on the song composition.

Downy is here with me ★


2008/10/28 17:20 日記

I'm just fixing up the lyrics now...

I can hear the music from the other side of the door!

Come into my world to play.

Play along with the music when you come.

I hope that tomorrow will be a good day for you.

And I hope love will reach into your heart...


2008/10/28 22:20 日記

I'm doing some drawings now...


Special Information! ☆
2008/10/29 15:08 日記

Hello. Time went by so quickly yesterday, and the day was over in a flash.

But with everybody's help, I finished composing my songs ☆ (for now)


And my producer for these songs is...

Nakanishi Keizo, famous for ZOO's "Choo Choo TRAIN" ☆

It was a long road to get to the recording stage. But I met a lot with him, and he understands my musical tastes. Nakanishi is a busy man, but he sacrificed his sleep to help with the composition. Thank you so much!

I'd like to keep on working with him to create songs filled with love.

I'll talk about the details more later... ☆

Anyway, I'm planning a big surprise for you all at the school festival. (lol)

Look forward to that!

Nakanishi sent me this photo of the seas off the Goto Islands.

Isn't it pretty? ♪



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