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  Fujimoto, Ogawa, Mano under new management  
  Hello!Project Written by Kuno , updated: 16:28, 28-Oct 2008  
  (Note: this news item isn't "breaking news" as the J.P ROOM site has been updated with these artists for a few weeks now. Having said that, I never reported on it here at H!O, so I decided to rectify that today)

The J.P ROOM agency is listing Fujimoto Miki, Ogawa Makoto, Mano Erina and TNX artist Tokito Ami on their official website. These four artists also have homepages on the site, complete with discographies & galleries. J.P ROOM is a management/promotion company that works with other agencies such as Up-Front, TNX, Sony and Yoshimoto Kogyo.

Fujimoto Miki's homepage @ J.P ROOM

Mano Erina's homepage @ J.P. ROOM

Ogawa Makoto's homepage @ J.P ROOM

J.P ROOM Photo Gallery

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