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  Kago Ai on London Hearts: Full Summary  
  Hello!Project Written by B.Slade & Kuno , updated: 17:23, 9-Aug 2008  
  Kago appeared on London Hearts along with another newcomer to the show, pop singer misono. The subject for this episode was "Ranking the 10 guests in order of how unlikely they are to experience a good love". Kago was chosen to give her ranking, which would then be compared with the results of a survey of 100 men. In the unlikely event that her answers matched up perfectly, she would win a one million yen prize.


She first reveals her own place in her ranking, at number seven. She believes that she's the kind of person who could have a good love, but could also have a bad love if she wanted to - which is recommended to her by actress/singer Sugita Kaoru as something to do while she's still young. Kago says that a bad love can be fun because it's so thrilling.

Kago Ai

Kokushou Sayuri

Kago places TV actress Kokushou Sayuri in eighth place, since she has had so many experiences in life, so she should understand men well. Kago admits she finds Kokushou scary - which Kokushou doesn't deny. Although she does disagree, saying that she hasn't had much luck in love lately. Her latest relationship has fallen through. Sugita blames the breakup on a previous episode of the show, on which Kokushou had to do sit-ups, leading to sore hips, leading to dissatisfaction in bed...

Kago Ai

When Kokushou and actress Aota Noriko begin to discuss how love is different at their age, Kago interrupts and accuses them of being too old. When Kokushou gets angry at her, Kago says that she's falling in love with Kokushou. Host Tamura Atsushi asks if that means Kago is a masochist, Kago cheerfully agrees. Kago says that she'll say anything now, and confirms that she is a masochist. Even misono worries that Kago is trying too hard at this.

Aota Noriko

Kago then reveals her pick for number nine, Aota. According to Kago, their mutual friends have vouched for her, calling her a "good woman". Aota doesn't deny it. Kago says that she agrees, thinking, "Even though she does things like that, she's a good person." (one of the "things like that" being her rooster impression on an earlier episode).

Yanagihara Kanako

Kago's choice for the one most likely to experience a good love is comedian Yanagihara Kanako - a choice that misono strongly disagrees with. Kago's reasoning is that since Yanagihara is fat, that makes her seem really cute. She thinks that everybody would fall in love with her. misono is given a chance to reveal her own ranking at this point, and she has ranked Yanagihara at number two, based on stories her friends have told her about Yanagihara's behaviour at parties. Apparently she has a habit of acting overly cute to try and attract men, sitting up close and nodding and agreeing cutely. Despite misono's claims that she does it to get guys' phone numbers, Yanagihara says that she only does it because she's drunk. misono also wants to know if Yanagihara has a boyfriend, but she doesn't want to answer. misono thinks that a celebrity's private life is fair game, but Yanagihara disagrees.

Sayaka Aoki

Next it's time for Kago to reveal her ranking for those she thinks are less lucky in love than herself. In sixth place, she chooses comedian Aoki Sayaka. Kago thinks that she would be likely to choose a "safe" man. She explains that a safe man is somebody normal, who isn't exciting or interesting. Somebody who would be there to say "welcome home" when she gets home. Aoki doesn't deny that her husband is like that. Kago thinks that because Aoki's work is so exciting, she'd want somebody normal to come home to. Aoki angrily says that things can get heated and noisy at home, and Kago wonders why she is so angry about it - especially because she thinks it's fun to be yelled at. But Aoki thinks that getting angry and fighting is a good test of love. She says that they fight and hit, but it brings them closer together. Kago worries that it may be annoying, and that her man might get tired of fighting all the time. Aoki says that it may be annoying, but she like it that way.

Kago Ai

Nishioka Sumiko

Kago picks comedian Nishioka Sumiko for fifth place. Kago thinks that she has a chance for a good love, but seems a bit impure. She thinks that her image stinks. Nishioka says that she runs simulations in her head to try and find if a man is right. If things go well in her head, she'll go out wtih him. She's even run a simulation of love with hosts Tamura Atsushi and Tamura Ryou, trying three times to make it work. But it never does - usually because another woman gets involved.

Sugita Kaoru

In fourth place, Kago places Sugita, saying she simply doesn't have the image of someone who would find a good love. The idea of her walking around with a lover just doesn't fit, according to Kago. Kago thinks she's more suited to being seen coming out of a public bathhouse, wearing a pair of clogs. misono is unhappy about Kago's decision. In her own version of the ranking, misono placed Sugita at ninth, with only herself below her. Sugita admits that she doesn't usually have photos taken with her man next to her. Instead he lets him walk behind her.


Kago places TV talent and Pabo member Suzanne in third place. She thinks that Suzanne is just too stupid to have a good love. Kago is convinced that somebody that stupid couldn't find real love. If a man was talking seriously to her, she would be off in her own littel world. When Tamura Atsushi asks if Kago simply hates Suzanne, Kago says that she loves her - even though she is stupid. As she puts it, "B-A-K-A, baka". Even the simple-minded Suzanne takes a little bit of offence at that. Kago back pedals, claiming that she herself is stupid too - just a different kind of stupid. When it's Suzanne's time to respond, she admits that she can be a bit stupid, but she thinks that love and studying are different things. She thinks that she's all right on her own, and she likes to give advice to others about love.

Aizawa Hitomi

With misono and gravure idol Aizawa Hitomi as the only two left, Kago reveals that Aizawa is in second place, and misono is in first. In Aizawa's case, Kago thinks that her body is too hot, so she'll only be used for her body. In her defence, Aizawa says that she can still choose her man, and says that thanks to her breasts, she's able to "pet" different guys. After much confusion in the studio, she realises that the word she was looknig for was "tasting", not "petting". Tamura Atsushi thinks that that's still a terrible thing to say, that she would taste different men, then throw them away. But Aizawa thinks that because she has the ability to choose, she can find a good love. She also thinks that she's had a habit of bringing good luck to the men she's been with. As an example, she mentions a boy she was with in middle school who started scoring goals in soccer because of her. The others are unconvinced that that means she brings good luck.

Kago Ai

misono, slightly unhappy with Kago's ranking

Finally, it's misono's turn. When asked for a reason, Kago simply says, "Isn't a girl like that terrible?" For some reason, Kago slips back into Kansai dialect at this point, and explains that misono just isn't the kind of person who can excite a man. misono thinks she can, with her breasts. But Tamura Atsushi explains that there's nothing exciting about being told, "I have breasts, see?" misono says that her past boyfriends have all done things for her, like cooking and cleaning. She thinks that that means she has a magical power over men. Kago says that she's heard misono just got dumped. misono is not pleased that that came out, especially since she told Kago about that in confidence. Yanagihara can't help but smirk throughout all this. misono looks over at Suzanne's ranking and see that she has also ranked misono poorly, at number two. Suzanne's "logic" is that misono tries to experience bad loves so she can write songs about them.

With Kago's ranking out of the way, it's time to compare her answers with the general public. The same question was asked of 100 men between 20 and 40 years old.

Yanagihara reacts to getting the best rank from the 100 men polled

In tenth place, once again, is Yanagihara. Since Kago got that right, she's on her way to the million yen. The reasons given include that the kind of men interested in her would be good men who care more about personality than appearances, that she seems like a good person who would attract the right man, and that she would try hard to find a good love, despite being fat. When the word "fat" is mentioned, Kago quietly agrees - at least according to Tamura Atsushi. Kago denies it, though.


Suzanne is in ninth place, meaning Kago loses out on the million yen. The reasons for Suzanne's position include that she is hiding some great natural techniques inside, that she's so cute that men would take good care of her, and that she could use her stupidity as a selling point to quickly marry a rich young businessman, just like Yamaguchi Moe. Suzanne is upset that Kago ranked her so highly and called her a "B-A-K-be" (sic).

Kokushou is brought to tears

Eighth place goes to Kokushou. The reasons given include that she is perfect, that marriage would come up quickly after someone meets her, and that she couldn't find a love that wasn't good. That level of praise brings her to tears that seem genuine.

Aoki Sayaka

In seventh place is Aoki. The reasons for her include that a good love led to her marriage, that she's smart and glamourous, so people will fall in love with her inside and out, and that she's a good woman and men can't keep their hands off of her. Kago stands by her assesment that Aoki would attract "safe" men.

Aota shows off her dance moves

Aota is in sixth place. Kago still thinks that Aota is too old. The reasons for her placement include that she could attract hot young men and live happily, that once men can get used to her tricky nature, every day would be a new experience, and that she'd be fun to know, since she'd have a new joke every time you see her. To show her happiness and excitement about this praise, Aota shows off her eurobeat dance skills (or lack thereof). According to Tamura Atsushi, she's "just shaking around".

Kago starts to feel the pressure

Aizawa Hitomi

Kago isn't happy that she's not in the bottom five. Fifth place goes to Aizawa, and nobody is very happy about that. Aizawa is happy that people recognise there's more to her than her breasts, but Sugita disagrees on that point. The reasons given for her include that she'd try too hard to keep a man, that she'd cheat on a man right away, and that she relies too much on her breasts. Aizawa is adamant that she wouldn't cheat on anyone.

Nishioka Sumiko

In fourth place is Nishioka. She's happy about this, since she's been in the worst three every time in the last six months. The reasons for her placement include that she's an impure woman who can only attract impure men (like the assistant director of the show), that she would annoy men, and that she doesn't know how to treat a man kindly.

Asked who she thinks will be in the number one place, Yanagihara suspects it's misono. Aoki thinks it will be Kago, but not for any bad reasons. She thinks that Kago just doesn't seem interested in love. Aoki has noticed that Kago and Nashimoto Masaru are constantly appearing on the "Geino Ura Channel" website and that Nashimoto is always praising her and saying that she's more interested in work.

Sugita Kaoru

Kago was hoping to see her name, not Sugita's

Third place goes to Sugita, leaving Kago and misono shocked. The reasons for Sugita include that she places herself above men, making it hard on them, that she likes to lead a hard life so she always chooses strange men, and that there's nobody in Japan (or possibly in the world) that could be a good partner for the "devil queen".

Kago awaits the final reveal

The two newcomers are the only ones left at this point. Kago is worried that first place will be too bad for her image, but she's relieved to learn she's only in second place, giving an unhappy misono the dreaded "double punch" award for coming in first twice. In fact, she's the first ever newcomer to win the "double punch".

Despite Kago not wanting to hear, the reasons for her ranking are given next. She's had too many troubles and is likely to grow old quickly. She's so busy trying to live her life better that she might miss finding a good man. No matter how many men she finds, she'll grow tired of them and throw them away quickly. And finally, when she reaches her 40s, she'll be just like Sugita. Nobody is sure whether that last reason is meant to be a compliment or not. Kago admits that she does fall in love easily, but never deeply. She still wants to experience real love. She says that she's always liked older men - particularly about 10 years older than her. But the older guests tell her that that will change as she gets older. Kago apologises to Sugita and says that she doesn't want to become like her. Sugita is convinced that she will, whether she wants to or not.

misono discovers she's the "winner"

misono is feeling pretty negative, and Yanagihara's smirking isn't improving things. misono can't believe that she was beaten by someone like her. The reasons for misono's rankings are given. No matter how many times she tries, she'll never be noticed and never be better than second place. Even surrounded by hosts and pimps, she'll be praised and told she'll be something big, but eventually thrown away. She doesn't seem like she'd be popular.

Yanagihara and misono's faces sum it all up

The full episode can be downloaded from the tracker here. Thanks for rpger81 for uploading.

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