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  Kago Ai Official Blog: Translations 2008.07.11 - 2008.07.14  
  Hello!Project Written by B.Slade & Kuno , updated: 16:31, 14-Jul 2008  
  Before we get to the entries, I want to remind all you Kago fans to be sure to get our newest subtitled release, Kago Ai on Sanma no Manma! You can get it on the tracker right here.

2008/7/11 17:56

Right now, I'm headed to a certain university. I wonder why?


At university
2008/7/11 20:00

For this job, I gave a lecture from a university lectern ☆ (lol)

Morning at the pool
2008/7/12 15:07

I went there ☆

I'll be heading to Hawaii soon for work! I have relatives there, so I'll be able to see them for the first time in years.

The weather is so great today! I'm just strolling around in sandals with a drink in my hand!

Yesterday's university was the Toho Gakuen School of Music! It was fun because everybody was the same age as me. I loved hearing about all their dreams (^O^)/ We talked about all kinds of things... and everyone was saying, "I didn't expect that from you, Kago!"

I gave them a life-sized message in person. Yahoo! ☆

These photos are polaroids! They were from today's meeting about my next job.

Hm... There were photos I wanted there, but they're so expensive!


Hooray for August!
2008/7/13 14:30

Hello. There are a lot of things happening in August, and I'm looking forward to them already. Thank you so much for your response to the Osaka comeback event, which made the phone lines burst. I'm so happy! Were there a lot of people who couldn't get through? I'm sorry, guys! This event is going to be in Osaka, but if I get the chance, I'd like to do the next one in Tokyo.

And on August 25 I'll be releasing the first book since my comeback! It's not a tell-all book! (lol) It's a book where I talk to young teens about their various troubles and dreams. Idols-in-waiting, exchange students, high school girls, otaku. The teenage years can be tough, and I had a lot of troubles in those days. But it's important to break through those troubles. So now, I'm working on a book! I said I was going to Hawaii, and I'm going there to research it! Look forward to seeing the finished product!

I'm ai!

Latest schedule - Look forward to August
2008/7/13 20:45

From the head of the fanclub:

In August, Ai's schedule is full, with her comeback event, a new book, book release celebration events, TV appearances, and various magazine articles. Se please give her your support throughout.

August 4 - TV: Kaiketsu Emi Channel (Kansai TV)
August 10 - TV: Marco Porori (Kansai TV), EVENT: Comeback Event in Osaka
August 13 - TV: Gout Temps Nouveau (Fuji TV)
August 20 - TV: Japan Historical Suspense Play (Nihon TV)
August 25 - BOOK: "Love Basket ~ Kago Ai's Underage White Paper" (tentative title) goes on sale
Late August - EVENT: Book release celebration events (Tokyo, Osaka)

There's so much that I can't write it all, but please enjoy.

In the car
2008/7/14 14:00

I'm working with Rei. My hair is long now! She gave me extensions ☆

I'm going to talk a lot! There's a funny show on the car's radio ☆



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