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  Fujimoto Miki to play Rizzo in the musical, "Grease"  
  Hello!Project Written by Yeka , updated: 15:58, 7-Jun 2008  
  It is understood that on October 20th at the Tokyo Saizan theater, the curtain will rise on the musical Grease starring actor Ikuta Tohma (23). The well known performance is the same in which John Travolta and others appeared in the hit movie. Becoming the lead role for the first time in about a year, Ikuta is highly motivated and "his highest aim is to get joy out of this work." In addition, Kanda Sayaka (21), Fujimoto MIki (23), and Yara Tomoyuki (25) will be present.

Ikuta, who actively stars in dramas and on stage, will open a new door this autumn.

The production opens at the Aoyama Theatre on October 20 and will finish up in Osaka during November. [thanks bn_23_jordan]

Grease is a masterpiece musical that had its first performance in 1972 on Broadway. The plot is while on summer vacation at the beach, two high school students meet by chance and fall in love. In 1978, John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John costar in the screen version, and it was a big hit. Ikuta will try the role which Travolta, as the leader of the delinquent T-Birds, played in the movie. He will perform in October-November at Tokyo and Osaka theaters.


Some fresh faces were assembled and will also star. In the role of Sandy, Danny's sweetheart, will be Kanda Sayaka [aka SAYAKA]. Former Morning Musume member Fujimoto Miki will act as Rizzo, the leader of the bad girl group the Pink Ladies. The active member of Johnny's, Yara, will play the part of Kenickie, at T-bird member with leader status.

"Even now on Broadway and in England it is performed. Even though its first appearance was more than 30 years ago, it has not lost its radiance" is what Fuji TV representative who has been assigned the project, is saying about the production's charm. The representative also added that the expectations are "song, dance, and acting will be wholly combined in this musical, and the performance will be realized by its young cast Ikuta, who also possess Danny's pureness, the experienced Yara, Kanda, and Fujimoto. Without fail, I think there probably won't be a more wonderful Grease ever shown."

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