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  Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A (week of 05/11/2008)  
  Hello!Project Written by Skeez & Kuno , updated: 15:27, 13-May 2008  

"Retro." I like it... Why? Retro furniture
catches my eye. ★ Recently, I bought a couch!
I was really worried when I bought it. ★
It is awfully retro. ★

I'm surprisingly dangerous.. (lol)
The other day, I was washing a kitchen knife
upside down, and my mom got angry at me (lol)
she was like: "Hey! Jeez! That's dangerous"...
^□^ (sweat drop)

I'm surprisingly timid ★★
But I've come out of the closet.
Kyaa ☆☆

I'm surprisingly intellectual.
Please try to understand that somehow. m(・-・)m

I am surprisingly "cowardly"!!
It's not like I can't be walking outside by myself,
but if at all possible, I don't want to.
At the bath in hotels, I am always nervous about
what's behind me and I can't relax...
(sweat drop) I'm definitely cowardly~~.

I'm surprisingly strong with my thumb,
only when it's time for a thumb wrestling match.
I only show this when I'm thumb wrestling,
but this thumb is strong!

"A comedian." (lol) On television, I haven't
had that impression so much, but of course
I have kansai blood in me, so I focus on it
in my private life and at school!!

"Sexy"! Although everyone else says I'm not sexy,
I'm already 20, so I have that adult appeal!!

I am surprisingly able to make a fruit dessert.
I've always liked fruit desserts,
so I make them often!

Here's the original Japanese text.

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