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  Kago Ai Official Blog: Translations 2008.04.25 - 2008.04.27  
  Hello!Project Written by B.Slade & Kuno , updated: 17:12, 27-Apr 2008  
2008/4/25 13:00

Today's post is about the diet I mentioned earlier! In the past, I was pretty chubby... I'm sure you all know that (lol) I never thought about diets at 16 or 17. So, I didn't hate the fact that I was heavy (lol) But now that I've set my sights on becoming stylish, I started to think more like a woman, and I tried the first diet of my life!

I'll tell you how it worked.

It was simple. Avoid eating outside. Also, a tofu diet. During the year I was under "house arrest", I couldn't go out, so I could spend a lot of time cooking with my mother. My mother's great grandmother had diabetes, so mama (that's what I call my grandmother...) and my mother are both careful about what they eat. So, they made a lot of Japanese food. When I made food for the family, I thought about health, and paid attention to calories.

Strangely, I found that when I cooked, I stopped hating different kinds of foods! Right now, there's nothing I won't eat! I could eat tonnes of lemon and salt fried with parsley and oil o( ^ - ^ )o

I also realised that if you don't eat until you're full, you'll end up eating too much later on! Just munch, munch, munch... (huh? lol)

So, I can eat tofu if I cover it with ponzu, sesame oil, layou, and minced onions, because it doesn't smell like beans that way! And because it's something I put in my body, I've started to pay close attention.

I don't know if diets are really necessary, because you can end up ignoring a person's value. So you shouldn't overdo it, right? If I were a guy, I think I'd be attracted to girls who are a little chubby.

I know I've got a lot of complexes, but saying that would be rude to my mother and father who gave birth to me (ノ_・。) So, they're not complexes, it's my personality ☆

So, I think it's better to think about your body while you work towards your goal, rather than just dieting! That's how I feel... (lol) But I just told you how I diet. Looking back to my peak weight, I've lost 13 kilos.


Some information ♪
2008/4/26 12:30

Whew... Last night, my manager and I went to a fish place for dinner, and ate 'til our stomachs were about to burst. It was so good ☆ But, eating meat...

I'm still reading all your comments! You're all really important to me! Thank you ☆ Oh, but I'm not actually on a diet now! I just like to eat what's good for my body (>_<) I'm a health-wota (lol)

Please don't be surprised when you look back on this blog after a while! (lol) I've had short hair for the last year, but I'm honestly getting sick of it! About a month ago, my hair was down to my shoulders, but I got it cut... Hm, this will take time...

I also have some information for fan club members. I'm going to be givng away signed tote bags ☆ I'll give you the details in May (^ _ -)-☆ Just wait a bit.

This photo is of Yoyogi Park! You'll see why it's Yoyogi Park soon enough ☆ It felt so good to run around (^O^)/ (even though I'm slow...)

It's Saturday today. What's everybody doing?


(click to enlarge)

Oh my god!
2008/4/27 13:30

Hi everybody!

Right now, I'm watching one of my favourite movies, "Reality Bites" ☆ Do you know it? I'm a big fan of Winona Ryder.

While I was in LA last year, a friend invited me to a dinner party and I met Winona Ryder there! I was so touched to meet someone I looked up to, that I started to cry... She's so kind and pretty, with a heart... She even gave me her contact email address, but I haven't emailed her...


Because... Because...

I couldn't! I look up to her. I'm happy enough that I just got to meet her o( ^ - ^ )o

Also, when she saw me, she said, "I've never seen a girl this cute in my life" (lol)

Watching a movie starring someone I look up to and met... it's a strange feeling.

Someday, I'd like to be a shining person too. I know I'm not that pretty, and I don't have anything to boast about, but I feel like I can do it.

It's something I heard a lot in LA:

You have to be confident!!!

Yeah. It's true.

I feel sluggish today, like I'm getting a cold. I'll have to take vitamins.

Do you want to hear more about the people I met while I was in LA? They were good friends who helped push me forward. I still email them every now and then, but I wonder how they're doing.

Today, I stayed home and relaxed, and had tomato curry with pork and udon.


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