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  Elen and Ai
2008/4/22 13:04

Today, I'll introduce you to the tiny little elephant Elen from my story. I first met Elen when I was 16. When I hear the word animal, I think of an elephant! When I asked my brothers and sister what picture I should draw for them, they said, "an elephant". So, I just drew an elephant, and they were really happy with it. Later on, I noticed that I loved that drawing, so I drew it a lot. He's lived with me ever since. I've decided to introduce Elen to you with a fairy tale on this blog, so that he can continue to live on.

He's a gentle male elephant. But he's a hand-sized elephant. He's always dreaming of when he'll become a big elephant. There's a reason why all the hearts around Elen are upside-down. It's because all the people in Elen's life naturally rain their love down on him. So, the heart on Elen's head is filled with lots of love.

Elen is going to leave my side and fly into a new world, where he'll feel new things and grow. I wonder what tiny little Elen will be like when he comes back to me☆?

So, I'm going to be writing about Elen in this blog. It won't be every day, but I'll write something whenever I think of a good story for him. It'll take time.


This is hard...
2008/4/22 16:37

I'm painting right now, but it's not going so well... (;_;) I'll keep trying, though!

I was here concentrating on painting when my manager said, "Give me a smile" ( ^ _ ^ )v (lol)

I can't wait to see how it comes out ☆ It's been a while since we've had nice weather like this in Tokyo, and it feels good (^O^)


Santa Monica
2008/4/23 12:09

How are you all doing? Isn't the weather great today?☆☆ I've finished moving in! Well, I still have to unpack... My computer still isn't hooked up, so I'm using my cell phone instead!

The chair I painted yesterday was too small, so I kept painting it, wondering what I was going to do with it (;_;) (lol)

It's not going to be any good! What should I use it for?

I've also been reading your comments! Thank you ☆ I'm happy that some of you have noticed my taste in clothes has changed ☆ Right now I really like green and purple! In the past I didn't really like either of those colours, but now, I really love them. (^O^) Right now, I'm in my manager's car on my way somewhere! I'll post again when I can! Be sure to check back soon (* ^ _ ^ *)


Status Report (*_*)
2008/4/24 13:28

I have some information for you today. I've only just started my blog recently, but I've honestly been disappointed that I haven't been able to tell you much about my work. But I've just got some big news that will blow that disappointment away (>_<)v

I'm going to be in a Hong Kong movie! Clap clap (ノ><)ノ

I'm really happy, because I didn't expect to get any work this quickly. I still don't know all the details, but I'll be the first to report them when I know o( ^ - ^ )o I can't wait to have so many people watching me again (>_<)



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