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  Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A (week of 03/30/2008)  
  Hello!Project Written by Skeez & Kuno , updated: 15:05, 1-Apr 2008  

The success of "Cinderella the Musical"!!
I want to make it our best theater performance so far.
It's a big goal, but I want to challenge myself
with that sort of thinking!

To change my hairstyle!!! ^▽^v
I could make it short and stuff ・・・?!! ^□^

Going to a cafe by myself!

Math Problems ☆

This year certainly, will be...
I want to start appearing more often in dramas
and variety shows someday!! (-・V・-);

Soon, I will challenge myself to make umeboshi!!
"People want to eat it~!!"

I want a concert at Shiga [prefecture] to be
added to the concert tour >_< Of course, we've had
handshake events there before, but many people
tell me, "Please come to Shiga!" I also want to
go there because it's my hometown >_<

I want to be able to make tastier cakes!

I want to challenge myself to try skiing!

Here's the original Japanese text for those interested.

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