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  Goto Maki graduates from Hello! Project Update: MM10th My Dearest Concert Video Preview UP!  
  Hello!Project Written by HPS Staff , updated: 11:51, 10-Nov 2007  
  Update November 11th, 2007

- Night of Tokyo City from MM10th Summer 2007 My Dearest Concert

- Yamada Mihoko wrote a column about Goto Maki
+ She wrote about Namie Amuro being present during the announcement of Goto Maki's graduation.
+ Regarding Goto Maki's decision, she added "As soon as the people who need to understand, everything else it's alright"

- According to a japanese community, Goto Maki not only quited Hello! Project, but the entire showbiz. This decision didn't come after the media scandal of her brother or his actions, it was a decision taken this summer after an intense work schedule during inhuman shifts that was part of her daily life for a long time. These work activities made her have health problems, as we were able to read in her blog or UpFront announcements.
Also during this summer, it was posted on 2ch that G-Emotion II would be her final solo tour but not many people bought these comments.

Later, on August 13th, it was broadcasted the final talk TV show with Goto Maki, and the host was no other than Yakkun. This show brought a lot of controversy and secrets of Goto Maki, a show that involved private talks of her normal life that could compromise her privacy, such as fans going to knock her house's door, fans stalking her, the specific place where she walks every morning, and the type of guy she likes: a soft-macho.

UpFront and Goto Maki truly have a different idea for her career, and nowadays she is no longer interested to keep working with UpFront.
For now, the only DVDs remaining from her H!P idol career are the 10th Anniversary MM Unit and G-Emotion II.

- Goto Maki's artist profile was removed from Hello! Project Official page.

- It was reported that Takahashi Ai cried aloud in front of the staff in Korea when she learned about Goto Maki's graduation. After arriving back in Japan with the rest of Morning Musume, she attended Maki's final concert.

- G-Emotion II DVD cover UP!
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- G-Emotion II Preview UP!

- According to the recent publication of FLASH Magazine:
+ Headline: Gomaki [The lover is a robber] The evidence is a shocking photo of them XX
Her lover was an accomplice of arrested Yuuki
(we are not sure what the XX stands for).
+ Gomaki met his boyfriend when they were kids and eventually had a close friend relation, but back on 2005 during Yuuki's wedding they met again, and she was attracted by his appeal and they started dating.
+ Her lover is a part-time high school student two years younger than Yuuki.
+ Gocchin bought him brand clothes and paid all the dates with him due his circumstances.
+ After she finished with her work everyday he used to stay at her place.
+ Every time he attended concerts he got the forefront seat ticket and he was invited to pass inside the dress room and backstage.
+ This guy (A) has been spotted at concert grounds.
+ When he wasn't at concerts, Gomaki sent mails to him including photos.
+ When Gomaki had her free days, they used to visit Tokyo Disneyland.
+ Since Yuuki and his buddies started stealing this summer, they (Maki and the guy) haven't been in contact.
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- Blogcchin (Goto Maki's blog) is overloaded due traffic.
"it's hard to access now because the server is overloaded. Sorry for the inconvenience and try to access again later."

- Tsunku comments about Goto Maki's graduation on his blog:

"It seems that Goto Maki determined the commencement of a new life.
If i remember correctly, she joined when she was 13 years old, entering into the world of celebrity, almost nine years ago.

Many works have been made.

This artist named Goto Maki excited me with her imaginative power.
Various productions were able to be sent out to the world.

With more than just a bit of a man's boldness, like something out of a fairy tale story, she makes me think, "That's so cool, let's rock!"

Since there were so many ways for her to express herself, we were able to do various works.

That's why it was determinated that Goto Maki had to graduate Hello! Project.

This decision will bring new productions with the new Goto Maki and will bring her in contact with more people.

I'll truly keep on supporting her.
Sorry for this long speech. Also, keep fighting!"

Tsunku's blog

- UpFront makes Goto Maki's graduation from Hello! Project official via its homepage. After writing a brief description of who Gocchin was inside H!P, there is a comment from her:

"On October 28th, I graduated from Hello! Project. I'm sorry for this sudden announcement.

I became part of Morning Musume at the age of 13. It'll be almost the 9th year by the end of this year. I've come to meet a lot of people and lots of feelings have matured within me.
Little by little, I was visualising the things I really want to do.
I wanted to be ready, in the proper time, to face things by myself once again, so I opted for graduation.

Although my future is not clear yet, it will depend on what I'm able to do. Regarding my career as a singer, I want to absorb many different things, to change and keep going with my own power, and to progress more than now.
It had been stressful, thinking about what to tell all of you. Since so many fans were there, I can be here smiling now.
This feeling of gratitude cannot be expressed with words.
Sincerely, thank you very much.

I want to be together with everybody from now on., since all of you out there are my support.
Not as a member of Hello!, but as Goto Maki, in a more personal way, I'll give my best.
Please keep supporting me from now on."

UpFront Official Announcement

- Newspapers reporting on Gocchin's graduation
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- Listen to one of the final songs Maki sang in her Final Concert, "LIFE":
Goto Maki's Graduation Concert - LIFE

- Goto's choreographer, Ryonryon, reports on her blog that the concert was fully-packed and was a very touching moment for everyone. She asks all the fans to continue supporting Maki.

- Gocchin announced her graduation during her evening concert by saying, "Today is my Hello! Project graduation".

- Pictures from the concert grounds:
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- Goto Maki's final words were "Bye bye".

- The Final Concert of Goto Maki as a member of Hello! Project has ended, and her final songs were "LIFE" and "Scramble". It was reported that her dancer Maro was crying during the performance of LIFE.

- Some fans are reporting that Kamei Eri, Takahashi Ai, Tanaka Reina, and Mitsui Aika attended Gocchin's concert in Omiya. Other attendees (unconfirmed): JunJun, LinLin and the members of V-u-den.

- After the announcement had been made inside the concert hall, all the fans showed their support for Gocchin by holding orange penlights during the encore, as a sign of "Hope", a word representative of Goto Maki.

- Yahoo and MSN has now confirmed this rumour, recieving the news from a fax sent out to the media.
MSN Sankei

According to Nikkan Sports, UpFront has announced that Goto Maki (22) will graduate from Hello! Project. Nikkan Sports has also reported that this "graduation" happened due to certain plans UpFront had for her. Maki had different ideas for the direction of her singing career.

Goto Maki is now having her tour finale concert. She commented. "I'm sorry for all the trouble my brother Yuuki has caused, including for other H!P members. My future is uncertain, but I will continue with my solo activities as a singer. I want to keep progressing with my music".

The official news so far regarding Goto Maki is that her upcoming single disappeared from online stores and she won't be participating in the Hello! Project 2008 Winter concert due to "scheduling conflicts" (see this news article)

According to some comments from japanese fans, Goto Maki won't have a graduation concert and her last concert is happening now in Omiya's Sonic City (Saitama).

Fans who are now in the concert are relaying insider information. According to these reports, Goto Maki will continue singing, but not with Hello! Project. She has been looking to continue singing with another company since last summer when Yuuki's crime happened. Also, the "graduation" has been something she and UpFront already knew would happen. She still gave her all until the last show in Oyama.

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