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  Mano Erina to perform at Anime Expo 2010  
  Hello!Project Written by Kuno , updated: 17:00, 12-Apr 2010  

Sanspo reported today that Mano Erina will be performing live in the USA this summer at Anime Expo 2010, which will be held from July 1 through July 4. It was announced at an event for Mano's single "Haru no Arashi", attended by 2,100 fans. The announcement came on April 11th, Mano's 19th birthday.

As most of you know, Morning Musume performed at Anime Expo 2009, and like me, many of you might have even attended. After AX ended, there were rumors that Anime Expo management and Morning Musume's management had some disagreements about the handling of a proposed Morning Musume @ AX concert DVD release. There were also multiple staff resignations reported around the same time, which may or may not have been related. You can read lots more on this subject at the following links:

Anime News Network
Project 760 Productions

Regardless of all that, the fact is that Mano Erina is performing at Anime Expo this year. Although she's obviously not as big a draw as Morning Musume, she definitely has a strong fanbase.

So, who's going?

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