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  S/mileage needs your help to major debut! 10,000 smile picture campaign  
  Hello!Project Written by turbos86 , updated: 10:34, 28-Feb 2010  

Announced during today's 2010 Haropro Egg Norimen Live Ni-gatsu concert, and on S/mileage's official site is the challenge that Tsunku has given to S/mileage. Since a part of the S/mileage name stands for "smile", he is asking for 10,000 smile pictures from people around the world. Tsunku wants to see what the S/mileage girls can do to accomplish this. In return, he will let S/mileage major debut in May. This campaign begins now and will end on March 25th midnight, Japan time. All the pictures collected in this campaign will be made into a mosaic board of size 2 meter by 4 meter big. The final result will be announced during the Mano Erina and S/mileage concert on April 3rd.

According to the video from the announcement during the Egg concert (video below), the four S/mileage girls will have to glue each submitted photo onto the 2 x 4 meter board themselves.

Official campaign page on Hello! Project's official website:

S/mileage The road to major debut #1

S/mileage The road to major debut #2

Here is how you can help!

A website has been set up for submitting smile photos, which accepts pictures from mobile phones, computers, and smart phones. For many of us living outside of Japan, we must use the computer submission method.

*German users having trouble submitting photos with a .de email address can sign up for an email account at GMX or www.mail.com. Thank you Ine for this information.

1) Go to this website:

2) Enter your information

2) Confirm what you have entered

3) Upload your photo

Click the Browse button and find your photo on your computer, then click the Upload photo button to submit.

If you have done everything correctly, you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please redo the entire process.

Please only submit 1 photo per person.

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