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  Hello!Project Written by epifanes & Kuno , updated: 18:44, 26-Jan 2010  

A teleportation machine.

Mufufu... (^皿^)☆ A machine that I could go
hang out with whenever I have some time off ☆

A machine that would do all the morning preparations
for me ☆ For example...changing clothes, etc.
But it would be more "iyaan" than "chiin".
[Note: "Chiin" is the sound of a microwave oven when it's done cooking]

A machine that would prevent me from
getting fat when eating, and from
swelling up when drinking.

A machine that'd let me teleport anywhere
when I enter it, so I could move to
any place I wanted to go to instantly ↑↑♪

A machine that would fix my hair in the same way as
makeup artists do!! I could gain volume or braid my
hair by myself, so it'd be useful during a live tour.

A door that would let me go anywhere
(*>ω<*) I really want that!

A machine that would cook and
clean up the room for me!

Original Japanese text is here.

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