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  Goto Maki's mother passed away: Goto Tokiko (55) Update 3: Updated information, more news clips & former H!P members' blogs  
  Hello!Project Written by Universus , updated: 23:37, 23-Jan 2010  
  Around 11PM of Saturday 23th Goto Tokiko fell from the third floor of her house in Tokyo, Edogawa.
According to her family she came back home under the influence of alcohol around 10:30PM and then she went upstairs and she fell from the third floor of her house causing her injuries. Her family took her to the local hospital but she passed away because of her severe injuries on the first hours of the 24th. News media also say there is no testament found so far.

There is a concert where she is originally part of: Starz Live 2010, to be held on February 8th.

General information:
18:00-22:30 Tokiko goes to a tavern near her house with a former driver and she drinks 2 bottles of beer, 2 shochu, and she also ate some tidbits.
22:30 Tokiko came back to home
22:55 Tokiko falls from the third floor (height: 7 meters)
22:59 Maki's elder sister reports this incident to the 119 station

1:13 It was confirmed that Tokiko passed away in the hospital.

Source: http://www.zakzak.co.jp/entertainment/ent-...51157000-n2.htm

Chinese News Clip explains with a digital animation how it happen according to the first information

From Fuji's TV show Tokudane: updated
Tokudane did a report about this news. A reporter of Fuji TV went to Goto's house and found marks of blood that weren't removed by the water when they cleaned the area. He also tried to communicate using the door intercom but he got no answer. Later they had interviews with neighbors who also heard the sound when she fall from the third floor and they spotted Maki outside her house. Another lady said that Tokiko was acting normal and she even had a walk with their dogs a few days before. Then, an old lady who works in a tavern near Goto's house started saying all these comments from Tokiko: "I want to die" and "I'm sad because I cannot be with my son". This tavern lady also said Tokiko visited her son three of four times per month. She also said recently Tokiko was saying that "she wanted to die" and suddenly she changed it to "I want to die", all these conversations happen while she was drinking that day since 6pm with their former driver in the tavern mentioned. The hosts of this show didn't want to conclude anything, even when the police said there is also an investigation line about suicide, but they make it clear that it could be an accident, too.

Fuji TV's Tokudane

More information:
According to the latest news, when Tokiko came back home she talked with Maki a few words and she went upstairs. Suddenly Maki heard a strong sound and she ran up stairs just to find the window open and her mom on the street after falling from the third floor causing her a severe injury in her head. They took Tokiko to the hospital but she passed away a hour later.
Source: http://www.asahi.com/national/update/0124/...1001240097.html

Kago Ai comment:
I am very shocked since I heard about it this morning.
I know Gocchin has a very close friendship with her mother.
She must be feeling very sad.
I'll give my wishes. Love her.
Source: http://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20100124-00000001-oric-ent

Former Hello Project's members reaction:
Nakazawa Yuko, Satoda Mai and Tsuji Nozomi wrote basically the same about feeling very sad about this news and they will stop posting entries for today.

Matsuura Max commented that he will keep supporting her.

Fujimoto Miki's comment:
It really shocked me. I learned this from a worker of my agency. May she rest in peace. I met her and she is a very kind and gentle mother, even with me.
Image: http://i46.tinypic.com/29lnrt0.jpg
Source: http://mainichi.jp/enta/geinou/news/201001...200016000c.html

More News Clip

A nostalgic video back when Maki told Tokiko she won the audition: http://video.naver.com/2010012501221728880

Zoom In Super News Clip

NNN News Clip

FNN News Clip

Love Machine Event in Yomiuri: Tokiko appears on 1:25, 2:31, and 3:18 of the video

Rest in peace, Tokiko.

Recent links:

That is the media information so far, we will keep up to date and try to give you all the public and confirmed information about this so sad news.

Now, sorry for taking this as a personal note, but I need to show my current sadness and tears.
This personal photo I added to this news is one of my more precious memories I had in Japan, like many others I had the privilege to meet and talk with this wonderful woman. When I say wonderful woman is in all the extension of the word. People who know her should agree with me.

Tokiko is a person I love with all my heart, and I feel so sad that I can't go there or not even how to react or to do. Maki's mom used to talk and be kind with all Maki's fans, even with foreign fans.

My image of her is a woman who was always smiling and keep in touch with all the people who is fan of Maki.
I remember when I was in a Maki's concert in Chiba on 2006 and there is a memory that keeps in my mind because it touched my heart. When the concert ended she went to talk to some fans who are handicapped and they were all smiling and happy because Mom came to them, I feel for them it was like meeting Maki herself, and Mom was smiling and helped them to come out from the hall, I was looking at her and she smiled to me and said "It was great one, a really fun concert".

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