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Spending the day together

16 September 2010 - 09:43 PM

So yeah, if you could go on a date / spend the day with any H!P member.
Who would it be and what would you two do together?

(Yes, I know there was another thread about this same topic of discussion, but it died, and it only limited your choices to Momosu member.)

So...Exactly why can't H!P do this exactly?

14 September 2010 - 08:31 PM

It's a PSP bundle kit that's coming out on Dec. 23.

Basically, it's all for a dating sim feature EVERY SINGLE GIRL that in AKB48.

Posted Image

Priced at ¥36,729 (US$441), the bundle includes a special PSP (the PSP-3000AKB), 48 "kiss mark" PSP battery covers,
a copy of the PSP title "When You Fall In Love With An Idol...", a 120-minute UMD of bonus features, two "making of" DVDs,
ten photos, 48 different "one-one size" kiss mark stickers and 24 reversible game case sleeves of all 48 girls

So this got me thinking, what if there were to be a H!P dating-sim game?
Also who exactly would be in it? Would it just be Momosu, or just girls from one of the many different bands in H!P.

H!O, who would you like to see in it (if it were to actually happen)

Also if the H!P dating-sim game were to get some sort of super bundle like the AKB48 one.
What exactly would you the bundle to include? Pictures? DVDs? Soundtracks? the members used panties? ANYTHING?

MY bundle idea go along the lines of something like this:

Happy Hello! Bundle:
- PSP3000 [Color White and Blue]
- PSP Skins of paired H!P members [Saki Shimizu x Momoko Tsugunaga] [Chinami Tokunaga x Maasa Sudou] [Airi Suzuki x Maimi Yajima] [Mai Hagiwara x Chisato Okai]
[Reina Tanaka x Ai Takahashi] [Sayumi Michishige x Aika Mitsui]
- DVD [behind the scenes making of the game]
- Music CD (x3) [Latest CD from each group]
- Hello! Project T-Shirt
- Hello! Project Cap [Newsboy Cut (unisex)]
- Hello! Project PSP strap
- Autographed Pictures from each member of H!P
- Hello Project Game Picture book [feature all the scenes from the game in a book]
- Date raffle ticket [Win a chance to go out on a date/spend the day with with any H!P girl of your choice (up to FIVE WINNERS will be chosen!)]

Normal Hello! Bundle
- PSP Skins of paired H!P members [Saki Shimizu x Momoko Tsugunaga] [Chinami Tokunaga x Maasa Sudou] [Airi Suzuki x Maimi Yajima] [Mai Hagiwara x Chisato Okai]
[Reina Tanaka x Ai Takahashi] [Sayumi Michishige x Aika Mitsui]
- Hello! Project PSP strap
- Music CD [Latest CD from one H!P group (CDs of groups are Randomized with each bundle]
- Hello! Project Cap [Newsboy Cut (unisex)]
- Hello Project Pin
- Date raffle ticket [Win a chance to go out on a date/spend the day with with any H!P girl of your choice (up to FIVE WINNERS will be chosen!)]
If anyone is actually willing to make a photoshop what the bundle would physically look like, then please go ahead and do so.

Which type do you prefer?

11 August 2010 - 05:58 AM

When it comes to Asain fashion, which do you prefer?

I'm a Ulzzang person.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

The Osu! thread.

15 July 2010 - 07:34 AM

So has anyone been playing Osu! lately?
I joined it a few days ago, and I must say it is tons of fun, and it will probably give you carpal tunnel.
though the lack of H!P songs disturbs me greatly.
(Maybe the H!O community can fix that?)

For those that don't know Osu! is a rhythm game similar to that of Elite Beat Agents.
Video of Example

Though the game is not easy, you just have to practice.

So now, lets talk osu.

Roukou's originial stories with H!P cameos & tie-in's!

23 May 2010 - 12:01 AM

Now that I've FINALLY gotten to 100 posts, I can final start my little story of epicness.
Unlike the last story I wrote on here a few year ago, I promise to make this one a great story.
Trust me, when I say, that you will NOT see anything coming.
So I hope that I get many reading, and much positive feedback. So lets start this thing.
Oh yeah, I'll probably update this thing once a week, maybe twice depending on whether or not I'm having a good day, or writers block.
So then. Lets get this things started

[fancy opening post stuff to come here later]

Project Ad-Hoc

[Prologue BEGIN]

“WHAT!!~ Tsunku, how could you even think about pulling this little operation!”
Saki Shimizu yelled at her boss as he was casually sitting behind his luxurious hand carved Maplewood desk.
“Calm down now Saki, I’m sure Tsunku has his reasons for doing this.” Ai Takehashi said placing her hand on Saki’s head, patting the op of her black, raven colored hair.
“DON’T TELL ME TO CALM DOWN TAKAHASHI! I don't like him doing this. Letting them into our organization. Just think about it, once this happens,
an outburst of rumors and fake news scandals will be the new common talk among EVERYONE in all the Major cities of this god-forsaken country!”
“Oh come on now Saki, I’m sure it won’t be that bad. I mean it was bound to happen eventually, I guess. Honestly, I kinda like the idea of letting them in.
I’m sure it will be really fun to have them join us.” Maimi spoke with gleaming face.
“Well then girls, it’s settled, they’re joining us. Now as the captains of the major Hello! Project groups, I want for you all to go and inform your fellow members about the news.
Not to mention, I’m going to have them premier on tonights episode of the Music Hour. You all will of course be on the episode as well to watch their introduction into the world of Pop Culture!” Tsunku shouted in a happy voice as he stood up. Saki, Ai, and Maimi left Tsunku’s office and went off in their own directions to each of their band mates.
“I really hope that this works out, if it doesn’t then we’re all screwed.” Tsunku said to himself as he started dialing a number on his work phone.

-[Later that evening]-

“All right everybody! Welcome to the third episode of The Music Hour! I’m your host Takaaki Ishibashi, and this is my co-host Masahiro Nakai!”
Said an energetic middle aged man talking loudly into a microphone. “We got a great show for you today guys. We have here today with us,
you're not gonna believe this, the entire group of girls that make up Hello! Project, and the introduction of a new H!P group!
Not to mention that this episode is extended to over two hours long. Tonights gonna be really interesting don’tcha think.” Said a tall hansom middle aged man.
From the start of the show to the first hour, the H!P girls have gone through a long interview, or answering random questions, when finally the interview was finished.
“Now girls, since we're done answering questions, why don't we bring out that new group.” Mashiro said into the mic. Everyone's heads turned to a side wall with
a purple curtain anticipating for it to open and reveal the newest members to Hello! Project.
Suddenly the curtains opened, and everything fell silent. Everyone in the audience and on stages jaw dropped. Slowly and cautiously the new group walked out onto the stage.

[Prologue END]


[Log 1: Introductions: BEGIN]

The curtains opened, and out walked the new group that was to belong to Hello! Project.
The entire room was silent. After all of them walked out onto the middle of the stage,
a girl suddenly shouted out “OMG I can’t believe that H!P is getting a BOY BAND!”
Soon another person in the audience started clapping and shouted “HA! That’s a really good joke, now show us the real band!”.
Then one of the boys, a tall and muscular one shouted out back to the audience “We ARE the new group!”. Suddenly a roar of oohs and aahs filled the studio.
The seven boys went to a couple of empty chairs to the other side of where all the H!P girls were sitting.
“Well now, this certainly is a surprise, I would have never expected for Tsunku to do this
by letting boys into Hello! Project.” Mashiro said with a shocked look on his face while starting to crack up.
“Well anyways, let’s get some introductions done with these young gents shall we?” said Takaaki.

“Okay, I guess I’ll go first” said the tall muscular boy, skin was very tan, and his face was somewhat scruffy. “My name is Leonardo, but you can just call me Leo. I’m twenty years old; I come from Venice, Italy. I’m 200cm tall, and I weigh 104kg. My favorite hobbies are working out and flirting with cute boys.” Leonardo said with a smile on his face. The audience just stared at him for a bit not making a sound, and then they applauded.

“I guess I’ll go next” said a tall slender young man sitting next to Leonardo. He had long silver hair and had a very feminine body and face.
“My name is Prier, I come all the way from Paris, France. I’m 190cm, and I weigh 81kg. My hobbies are reading, and drawing.” All the girls in the audience shouted simultaneously “KAWAII!!”.

Then the microphone was handed off to a petite boy next to Prier. The boy had a somewhat girlish face, and a skinny body, with big plastic tick-rimmed glasses.
“Um…My name is.. Um... Adelle. I come from… America. My hobbies are…Playing video games..and watching…Anime….” Instantly all the girls in the crowd and in H!P
simultaneously shouted “KAWAII!”.

The mic was soon handed off to chubby boy with glasses and some acne.
“My name is Jun, my home is located in the Chba prefecture of Japan. My hobbies are
reading manga, and playing video games. And yes, ladies, I’m single”. The crowd just sat there smiling, trying to hold back their laughter.

Then the boy next to jun took the mic from his hands and spoke into it with a gruff voice.
“My name is Si-Jonn Lee, I’m the leader of this band. I come from Seoul, South Korea.
I’m 160cm. I enjoy Parkour and listening to music. We, the members of Ad-Hoc hope to get along with everyone in the H!P organization.” The crowd applauded, nothing more.

-[The next Day]-

“Alright guys and girls, now that we are in possession of some boys. It’s time that
I do something for you all as a little gift to get rid of a conflict that I know will probably blow back up in my face, but because of the recent big change, I decided to do this.”
All the H!P girls and the Ad-Hoc boys sat there with anticipation. Tsunku pulled
a sheet of paper from his desk drawer and held it up in front of them. He then proceeded
to tear the paper apart and ripped in to many piece.
“Uh, boss, what was that?” Reina Tanaka asked.
Tsunku started to spread a smile across his face, then he replied
”That, was the contract you signed forbidding you all to have a relationship. Yes, that’s right the boyfriend ban has been lifted.”
The girls sat there silently with shocked, yet happy faces.

[Log 1: Introductions: END]