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Kimuu's Corner > RINGO KOUBOU!

Posted 05 December 2010

I've decided to make a dubbing group, called Ringo Koubou! We will dub Berryz Koubou songs ~ And I really need members and auditions! Please audition! <3

That's.. all I wanted to say. XD <3

Kimuu's Corner > Minna HAPPY! Mama no Uta Review

Posted 04 December 2010

So, I recently downloaded Tsuji’s new CD, Minna HAPPY! Mama no Uta. I must say, overall, it sounds like a kid’s cd, but it’s awfully cute. The cover’s cute too, because it’s got Tsuji around kids, which she really loves. I can just.. tell. She’s pregnant for God’s sake. x3 Soon to have her kid, btw! I hope she has a safe delivery...