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19 April 2016 - 02:55 PM


Off-topic question, sorry. In the beginning of Resonant Blue, what does Tsunku say? "I'll have a sorry? brave enough to be missuh, alright, go ahead?" I know that can't be right but I've wondered this for a few years now. Any ideas?

I always hear "Hi what's up lady? Please listen to me song, alright go ahead" WHO.. KNOWS....



I hear "Oh, hello ladies" at the beginning. And I think "Please listen to this song" is right, but before I saw your comment I always heard "Resonant Blue from the top, alright, go ahead" even though the 'resonant' part didn't really fit.


Oh, how I miss these little Tsunku-isms in all the recent non-Tsunku-produced songs.

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19 February 2015 - 12:31 PM

It's a shame Maria seems to have given up her trademark braids.

I think braids don't really match their "cool" image, so the stylists are sticking with a high ponytail. I'm sure Maria must still do her hair in braids for concerts when she's responsible for her own styling!

...Not that I've been to any concerts. ^^;  Maybe a concert/event-goer could confirm...

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10 December 2014 - 07:33 AM

Ooh, I hope that release date rumour is true. Not too far, not too soon. I can't wait to see 12th gen active!



Been looking for a particular video for a while, hoping some can help me.


I remember watching a clip of post-Reina MM performing Be Alive on a TV show of some sort (other songs were performed as well). I can't remember what show it was (as in, I don't know if it was an award show, one of the specials that have been done since, or what), and youtube/dailymotion searches are turning up empty. Anyway, it was a super awesome performance and I've been wanting to watch it. Does anyone maybe know what I'm talking about and have a link to it somewhere? Even on our tracker?


I know what you're talking about! It was a special program from earlier in the year in honour of MM's 55th single.

Here's a short version (interview/performance), and here's the full 3 hour special.

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07 December 2014 - 06:49 PM

In Tiki Bun 4 different girls got 4 of Sayu's lines;


Haruna at the verse singing with Mizuki
Haruka at Sayu's first solo
Ayumi at Sayu's second solo

Sakura at the chorus singing with Mizuki


Also, I noticed that at the when they start singing "TIKI BUN" at the beginning, Kanon moves up now. It was originally Fukuchan/Sayumi that stepped up on the sides. I wonder how the formations will change once 12th gen is included.

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06 December 2014 - 03:53 PM



Sayu-less TIKI BUN + Love Machine.

Did it bug anyone else that they completley skip over Platinum Era during the Musume history lesson? I mean they had Egao Yes Nude, but Platinum Era really didn't start until Onna ni Sachi Are. They also skipped the transition year of when 9th and 10th gen first joined and just skipped to Sakura's first song. Personally, I think they should have substituted  Egao Yes Nude and Password is Zero with Nanchatte Ren'ai and Maji Desu ka Ska.


I don't think it really bugged me, but it's a bit of a reality check for how Japan now sees MM. The PE is to a certain extent treated as a barren wasteland and it wasn't until OTT and Help Me that they started to come back into the minds of the general public again. It's sad but the group at arguably it's most skillful... a lineup that a lot of international fans first fell in love with was and still is obscured and largely ignored by the Japanese media.


I don't know about showing Maji desu ka Ska since it looked like the clips were going by how famous the songs were, but I really can't believe they didn't show One Two Three. And yeah, if there was one song from Platinum that they should have played, it probably should have been Nanchatte Ren'ai just for the fact that it was their 40th single.


I wasn't a fan before Platinum Era, so can someone tell me if Iroppoi Jirettai and Egao Yes Nude were that 'well-known'?  ^^;