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Gamecenter CX

01 December 2012 - 11:18 PM

Gamecenter CX is a Japanese TV program where Shinya Arino (member of comedy duo Yoiko) plays Japan's most popular video games (mosty Famicon) for one day, even though some games last 2 episodes. He is supported by his Assistant Directors (referred to as ADs) and Staff, both via moral support and actual gameplay. He also gets the chance to interview game designers and to play arcade games occasionally.

There are currently eight DVD sets released in Japan. The 9th DVD will release in Japan on December 21 2012. The show has been on-air since November 4, 2003 with a new episode every 2 weeks when a season is running.

List of episodes;


Posted Image

「spring of graphics」by sunnyon & geheimaccount

25 June 2012 - 09:58 PM

Posted Image

O1.We can make sets, icons (just Sunnyon), signatures, banners, wallpapers (just Geheimaccount) and gifs.
O2.Please don't request any gifs when there are already 2 other gifrequests, request will be listed below.
O3.For wallpapers we need your screen resolution, if you don't give me your screen resolution your wallpaper will be 1920 x 1080.
O4.Please use the stuff you request for a good amount of time (a week minimum).
O5.If you are requesting nonH!P stuff please be specific.
O6.Please try to provide high quality pictures. Your requested graphic will turn out better if you do.
O7.Always credit us for the requested graphic.
O8.Always be respectful to us and others in this thread.

Current Requests:
Currently None

If you want to request, please fill in this code:
type of request(icon banner etc.):



who should make the request:


17 January 2012 - 11:15 AM

GeekTool lets you display various kinds of information on your desktop via 3 default plug-ins:
- File plugin to monitor MacOS X activity with /var/log/system.log, or any file that you want to follow.
- Shell mode to launch custom scripts or commands like "df" to check space left on filesystems or "uptime" to monitor load on your machine
- Finally, image mode helps you monitor bandwith usage, CPU load, memory availability on your server with tools like MRTG or RRD.
information from Mac Appstore

The audience of this App is technical people with good understanding of Unix and shell commands. This is not something for general mac users, unless you are ready to spend some time googling and trying to get what you want. but once you start to understand it (it's not that hard, and there are forums full of people that are willing to help you making/perfecting your geeklet) iIt's an really fun and awesome program to customize your mac.

Get it for free in the Mac Appstore!

examples of desktops made with Geektool;

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image
examples are NOT made by me

Weird error and always double posting?

31 March 2011 - 08:05 PM

Since a day or 2. every time i post a comment on a status or profile, it double posts.. no matter what I do!
after deleting the second post, it keeps counting 2. and I get this weird error:

"[#10277] You are not permitted to change your status."

why is this happening? .__.

Edit: something new: when I delete my 2nd (double) comment on a status i get

"Action Failed"
"You deleted your comment"

~ Daisy's graphics thread

02 January 2011 - 06:24 PM

Posted Image
Feat. Meada Yuuka -
My Graphics tread is open/closed

1. You're free to use my graphics, but please give me credit.
2. If I made you a set, please use it for a decent time. If you want to change it quikly, please tell me!
3. I'll only accept H!P and AKB48 related requests.
4. I'll accept Banners, Signatures, Icons, Walles, Gifs and Rankings.
5. unless specially asked in the requests, Sigs will be 500 x 130, Icons 150 x 150 and Wallies 1024 x 576.
6.Please don't be rude to me, I'm still a beginner but I'm trying to improve myself!

Here are some examples

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image