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Cio's H!P Grocery Market > I always seem to post about this morbid subject but blogging helps

Posted 27 April 2014

tw death

I'm starting to slip off the tightrope and I've started thinking about my own mortality again. Lots of people are scared about actually dying, but that doesn't bother me, what scares me is the idea that my consciousness will someday cease existing, and I have no idea when it will happen, just the fact that it will happen. It's inevitable.

I c...

Cio's H!P Grocery Market > The sinking feeling is back

Posted 18 January 2013

The anxiety attacks started up again forcing the subject of death back in my mind. Ugh, the least I've managed to do is to try as many things as I can in a day. Since I'm unemployed and out of school I do things I've been wanting to try like ask blogging, translating, heck I'm even trying let's plays but then at night, I'm in bed and...

Cio's H!P Grocery Market > A very morbid post and a somewhat distressed me

Posted 31 December 2012

I don't want to really make this too long. But for the past month or 2 a single thought has been terrorising my brain. Death. This comes along with the my grandfather on my fathers side had been diagnosed with cancer and is terminally ill. Right now, as it is,he's edging closer. He's constantly in a mechanical wheelchair, and he needs a small...

Cio's H!P Grocery Market > Living with a Japanese Student Day 3

Posted 28 July 2012

Uhh I haven't written Day 1 or 2 yet but for a quick explanation currently my family is looking after a Japanese girl called Misa. The reason why I want to write about this today is because she's related to a former H!P idol but that'll be later in this entry.

So today we took Misa around to various tourust locations in my city. I live in...

Cio's H!P Grocery Market > And I've tried to bear it but it's getting unbearable!

Posted 21 May 2012


Dear H!O,
I love you, I really do. REALLY! I go on here daily and though I don't post as much as others I do certainly keep an eye on nearly everything Momusu. Now, I've been a fan since '08, it's not long compared to others but It's long enough to have my share of...