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♥KawaiiStrawberry♥'s > Harry Potter woot woot!

Posted 16 July 2009

Okay the new harry potter was simple uh-mazing. :ph34r: XD XD :)

I went to the 8:15 showing and left 11.

i think the best movies are the longest.

Everything was perfect except for this one part that just wasn't in the book.

But the odd thing is that they didn't do dumbledore's grand funeral which is really big and an important key in...

♥KawaiiStrawberry♥'s > I wanted to gooo ;__;

Posted 02 July 2009

I wanted to go to Anime Expo sooo bad :santa: :P

But, i live on the other side of the country and plane tickets are costly :P

Along with the cost of hotels and transportation and food...

Seeing the footage of Morning Musume's arrival, it made me feel even more upset!! :P :)

I wanted to go!!!

Who else was dieing...

♥KawaiiStrawberry♥'s > OMG Transformers!!!

Posted 25 June 2009

Today a certain movie came out.... :lol: <3

It was...

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen!!!!! :P :D :D

I went to see it. It was UHHH-MAZING!!!!! :P :D

But it's soooo :P long but sooooo good :P!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have got to see...

♥KawaiiStrawberry♥'s > Johnny-sama whats wrong with you???

Posted 19 June 2009

Maybe you guysdon't know what Johnny's Entertainment is because you love Hello!Project so much, but i'm gonna have a rant right now XD

Johnny-sama seems to be going off his rocker with old age!!!!!!!

Okay, first he gets this crazy idea to debut a group that no one has had any warning about. Okay....

♥KawaiiStrawberry♥'s > today.....

Posted 19 June 2009

Something awesome came to my door...it was a ups guy holding....what could it beeeee???? <3 XD

It was my Hello Kitty wall stickers!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P :D :D

I bought them online from some wallsticker shop 3 days ago and they finally showed up :lol: XD :P...