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LOL i'm leaving the name up for a short while. i dont wanna send the wrong message to ppl lols. Anyway, how did ya discover H!P? by the internets like everybody else? do... Updated 01 Apr · 0 comments

About Me

Ah! I didn't notice you standing there. umm, welcome to my profile page?........ '_';

Real Name: Genesis Gerard Turner
aka: GeN (pronounced as 'jehn'), gen-gen
H!O username: Iscariot
Iscariot?: yes, Iscariot
why Iscariot: coz someone already took 'GeN' :\
why does Iscariot sound familiar...: It started by playing too much Tales of Destiny 2 (PS2-JP), my favourite character is Judas. Researching more into the character lead me discovering that his character was similar to the man who betrayed Jesus Chirst, Judas Iscariot. Plus, Iscariot is a bad-ass name lol

Birthplace: Philippines (21 October, 1985)
Current residence: Granville, NSW Australia. I lived in alot of places since i arrived here in 1996 (i as 10 at the time)

Height: last time i checked, i think im 162.7cm. maybe

- Morning Musume (oh yes please!)
- watching Anime
- playing video games
- drawing
- listening to music
- cooking
- playing card games like Jin Rummy and Rummy 500

you watch anime?: yep, well i use to, not now anyways.
then what's your favourite anime: One Piece, but i mostly read the manga more than watching the anime every week. My brain exploded that Yaguchi loves One Piece too.
what's your video game choice:

- Persona 3 and 4
- Super Smash Bros Brawl (my Marth skills are awesome)
- Professor Layton series
- Taiko no Tatsujin
- Tales series (Tales of the Abyss, Legendia, Destiny -remake, Destiny 2, Vesperia)
- Nancy Drew series by Her Interactive
- Mario games -the mothership titles like Super Mario World and Mario Galaxy
- Yakuza 2
- Team Ico games -Ico and Shadow of the Colossus
- Geometry Wars 2
- Braid
that's all i can think of right now,

favourite foods: spaghetti, ice-cream, Taho (a filo dessert), lots of food i cant mention them all!!
then whats you most dislike foods: celery and bitter gourd (eww)
favourite colors: Blue, white, black, purple
favourite words: "dood", swear words - i swear alot while playing Rummy 500 with my friend

favourite podcast: NoobToob -they're pretty much the best video game review show on the planet. if you like watching two guys review games while they drink wine, for ONE HOUR, then watch it! the funniest moments are when they review bad games like Iron Man and Sonic games. Go to youtube and search for Nootoob, but i warn you first, they WILL talk for an hour. But not just one game though, multiple games, plus new release each week. And if you got a video game related question you want to ask them, they'll play it on the show and answer, like what did with mine on two occasions so far.They currently have 165 episodes and going strong!
Here's a couple of episodes to get yourself rollin:
Noobtoob episode 55: persona 3
Noobtoob episode 79: professor layton review
Noobtoob episode 92: boom blox (their Operation Darkness review is hilarious)
Noobtoob episode 96: (my first voicemail is played in it - it's about Persona 4)
Noobtoob episode 155: (my second voicemail is played in it - its about learning Japanese)

can you drive?:
yes <3
got a car?: no <3
charm points: i'm told that i'm quite funny if you get to know me. other than that, i'm usually shy lolz
anything else real quick?: nah

Hello! Project Q-As:

Your first H!P song that touched your ears:
The Bigaku by Aya Matsuura. It was from an amv that i saw with Ichigo 100%. but i didnt know who the artist was until i started liking H!P

Then what's you first real H!P experience:
It started by being bored one day in October in youtube. I typed in what the top 10 j-pop songs of 2008. One guy's list had his no.3 was Gachinko de Ikou by Buono!. the video that he uploaded was the dance version of the PV. And while watch the entire thing i was entranced. And when the vid was finished, i thought "This is AMAZING!" then i youtubed more PVs with Buono!

What about Morning Musume?:
I was getting to that. After going crazy about Buono! for 4 months. It was until i researched more about them in wikipedia that i discovered Hello! Project and the infamous Tsunku. Reading more lead me to the their mothership group that pretty much carried the H!P family, Morning Musume. I first thought,"if they're the mothership group, they must be better!". going to youtube and typed in only 'morning musume' and clicked the very first video. It was the Pv for Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari, and after watching it this thought came to me, "....I'm so~ riding that train". And i did, metaphorically. Learning all of their names was tough at first, then watching all their PVs was a start for me. then i watched Hello Morning, [email protected] and the show that sky rocketed their popularity, Utaban. I've also watch the MechaIke specials and some of the Momusu concerts. then watching in order their graduations and auditions, and try to look into more about members who left without a graduation. I did all of these and more trying to absorb more and more of Morning Musume.

Fav H!P member:
in Buono!, Airi Suzuki, she's pretty much the 'Angel' of H!P. in MoMusu, at first it was Reina, but the other members are just as good while they all have their own unique personalities and style that cant have really one fav member.

Fav H!P unit:
Morning Musume. then buono! and C-ute

Fav Morning Musume song:

they're all good, sticking to just one can get really old then i move to another song.

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