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13 May 2019 - 09:05 AM

It was just announced on their website:


From July until September, the dates are pretty spread out so far. Maybe they‘ll add more? And like lst year‘s tour it spans the time of Miya‘s birthday.

Since we still have unreleased album songs I hope they perform those plenty. This might also be the first tour where they have enough songs of their own so they wouldn‘t need to perform covers.

[5/22] PINK CRES. 1st Single „Tokyo Confusion/ Uchuu no Onna wa Amakunai“

20 March 2019 - 09:11 AM

PINK CRES.´ 1st Single has been announced today!

The two songs are not part of the preview of their delayed album´s tracklist and have never been performed.

Tracklist consists of Tokyo Confusion, Uchuu no Onna wa amakunai (The women of the Universe aren`t sweet (?)) and their respective instrumentals.

First edition comes with a DVD as well, Regular Edition is songs only.

So far I`m not sure about whether this is an indies release or not (I`m guessing it probably is since nothing I`ve seen has said major debut or anything like that).

I`ll keep this post updated with news as I get them.

Post on their website: http://www.pinkcres....ws/detail/10085

Nihei has tweeted something about the single here: https://twitter.com/...8836112389?s=21

From my understanding, she`s saying that she knows everyone has been waiting for the album... but now they`re releasing a single instead! The members were surprised as well. She says that the album is being worked on to become an even better album and she`s asking us to look foward to the single for now.

Miya also commented on her insta story about it, saying „We`re surprised too!“ and added an OMG! gif and laughing emoji.

This kinda makes me wonder what they thought they were recording or if the songs were originally supposed to go on the album as well lol.


10 February 2019 - 12:24 PM

PINK CRES. have announced two concert dates for February. There will be day and night concerts, so 4 lives in total.

On 2/15 in Shinjuku ReNY, where there first ever live was as well.
On 2/24 in Osaka umeda TRAD.

Event page:


When they announced the concert dates, their 3rd mini album was still scheduled for 2/6 (so it would've been out already), so maybe we'll get some info in regards to the new album release and they'll perform some of the new songs.
Event goods haven't been shown yet, but I'll keep this updated as usual.

Hopefully they'll get some new fans since Nihei and Hikaru have been selling the tickets at a couple Hello Cons where Miya guested.

EDIT 1: Goods list on elineup

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[12/31] PINK CRES. COUNTDOWN LIVE~3,2,1, Happy New Year~

30 December 2018 - 05:44 PM

PINK CRES. will hold a solo Countdown live on NYE.

Last year they had a combined live with Ciao Bella Cinquetti.


Here's the event page on their official website: http://www.pinkcres....c32d563f3d60ff1






The T-shirt and one of the stickers is designed by an artist who previously made a fanart of Miyabi.


This is him on twitter:  https://twitter.com/IKULA193

And on instagram: https://www.instagra...a_illustration/



Additionally, it seems like Ciao Bella Cinquetti (or at least Robin and Yuki) will make a guest appearance:


Yuki Goto's tweet: https://twitter.com/...290322704773121




[?/?] PINK CRES. 3rd album 「No Borders」

10 December 2018 - 06:02 PM

They just announced they would release their 3rd album on The Girls Live!

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On their social media they‘ve been talking about recording new songs for a bit now, although they didn‘t give any info about what they were for! I‘m super excited :)

Here‘s a link to the video announcement as tweeted by a fan:


I know that Nihei is giving some info about the songs but I can‘t understand what she says properly.

Expecting to hear some of the songs after their countdown live! Upcomi, don‘t fail me now!

EDIT: The official facebook post announcing the album also revealed the title: No Borders!

Oddly enough, the title hasn‘t been mentioned anywhere else, so I took a screencap of the post.

Attached File  D7930752-1227-4E41-B56C-D59E150C2740.jpeg   25.94KB   39 downloads

EDIT: Had to erase the release day since it‘s been postponed with no new release date given.