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A tiny ray of Sunlight > AiGaki J-MELO fanmeeting report

Posted 12 November 2012

Just go here:


enjoy~ <3

A tiny ray of Sunlight > Last thoughts before going to the AiGaki fanmeeting

Posted 09 November 2012

It's 5:32 am and I didn't sleep tonight. At all. But that's okay, I'm going to sleep on the train. Which leaves in roundabout 2 hours by the way !!!

... So I'm actually going to meet Ai-chan &Gaki-san O________O wah. It still hasn't quite sunk in tbh.

Got my ticket printed out (twice), a good book for the...

A tiny ray of Sunlight > Takahashi Ai & Niigaki Risa fan-letter collection book <3

Posted 18 October 2012

EDIT: I've been looking for a cute little gift to accompany the book(s) and I've stumbled across these on...

A tiny ray of Sunlight > Photocards Collection~

Posted 15 August 2011


A tiny ray of Sunlight > Strawberry Nails ~♥

Posted 05 August 2011