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Posted 08 March 2010

hahaha honestly I forgot about this blog. But I just popped in to announce a new Kpop band that was sooooooo amazing and adorable that I couldnt help but share it. I wanted to post a new topic under the Asian Entertaninment music section. But I dont have enough posts to do that yet. So at least I can share my love of them this way~

D-NA is a brand new boy...

ManaMagic☆ > Shalalalala

Posted 16 May 2009

Konnichiwa Minna-san Genki desu ka?~

I felt like using Japanese today!

Im trying my best to learn it but im still pretty bad at it TT~TT

Actually I was able to count up to 10 and say the days of the week but then I forgot to practice

i shall try again some day soon i hope^^

So ive been pretty depressed latley about everything but im trying to...

ManaMagic☆ > Avatar~Composing~Colds

Posted 03 May 2009

Its been a while since my last blog...i guess ive been busy :good: Or maybe I have had anything interesting to talk about... Im not reallys ure

But I did get a new avatar thing! Actually....i wanted to make myself a kamei eri one....but i never got around to it...and then my friend made this one for me

because I sing as kanna alot on c-ute fandubs so...

ManaMagic☆ > Randomness! and Shouganai Yume Oibito

Posted 22 April 2009

So ive been listening to MM's new single alot latley....i dont know if i really like it or just want to like it :good: Maybe its alittle of both! I think the B track reminds me a bit of the old MM. It sounds fun :good: so hopefully i'll like that more than Shouganai Yume Oibito >__<

Uwaaa summer is comming closer and...

ManaMagic☆ > Manabi has arrived~!

Posted 19 April 2009

Yay this is my first blog!☆

Anyway so i wasn't planning to get too involved with hello! online...at first I just wanted to use the tracker....BUUUUUUUUUUT I changed my mind and some how ended up here☆

Im way too compulsive hahaha!

SO anyway im not sure what exactly to say here! I decided I wanted to make a blog...