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100% H!P > I LIVE (Or, "How Sakura Oda has brought me back to H!P.")

Posted 25 April 2013

So a few days ago, I randomly read on the Momusu Wiki about a new audition that resulted in a singlar winner. I thought that was cool, and then I found out her name was Sakura; I didn't know how much I wanted MM to have a Sakura until that moment. After that, I found out that she apparently had a really good voice and I was sold. So here I am now, listeni...

100% H!P > Kikkawa, you've won me over..

Posted 03 March 2011

Pun most certainly intended. :P

Honestly, that song and PV preview had me hooked almost immediately. It's soo cute and catchy! Just the way I like it. :good:

Her voice is sweet and calm, and it fits the song nicely. What's not to love there? <3


On another note, has anyone listened to Miyabi's version of Furusato? PURE...

100% H!P > The Graduation Cycle..

Posted 10 January 2011

.. Goes as follows:

1. Surprise as the announcement is made. First day is hard.

2. Sadness at the fact that you can't imagine the group without the girl(s) and/or you liked said girl(s).

3. Realization and relief that it won't happen for a while yet and that you'll still see her/their pictures on the picboard even after.

4. Enjoying the...

100% H!P > 9th gen member nicknames..

Posted 06 January 2011

I'm in a creative mood, so here's yet another random post:

~For Sayashi Riho~

Seen on picboards: Yashii

My own: Rihon, Saya, and Shi-chan.

~For Ikuta Erina~

Seen on picboards: Eripon.

My own: Ikutan, Rina, and Ta-chi.

~For Suzuki Kanon~

Seen on the picboards: Zukki, Zukkini

My own: Succhi and Non-tan.

I haven't thought of any for...

100% H!P > Obligatory Graduation Post..

Posted 15 December 2010

This is indeed a sad, sad day for H!P, three of their lovely Musumes are leaving today..

But, this post is designed to give hope.

Sure, we probably won't hear them sing again for quite some time, if ever. Yeah, we probably won't see any new pictures for a while. But, there is life after graduation, the other OGs have proved that...