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Just Winter 2012

02 February 2012 - 10:51 AM

Hey, tis been awhile! I was wondering what anime is everyone watching at the moment.
I am watching approximately 70% of this season's anime, because I am a sap for romcoms and moe animu :D


15 October 2009 - 01:35 AM

Yet another CLAMP manga becomes an anime...
and I enjoy it XP ... i like it when her plushie becomes agitated and emulates a dragon
i may even pick the manga up now... <3


H!P Songs that should have had PVs

13 October 2009 - 02:51 AM

some of the songs, so far, that should have had a PV .

High-King's "Kioku no Miero"
Buono! Hoshi no Hitsuji Tachi

The Juggernaut's Temple

15 September 2009 - 12:49 PM

Welcome, gentle netizens of H!O, to the Temple of the Juggernaut.
The Temple will be a thread where I , lord_jagganath, will offer my worship at the various altars of H!P/UFA goddesses.
The scope of my offerings are not limited to :- poetry, art ( drawn, coloured, photomanipulation etc), stories and maybe even videos!
That said, here is my first article of worship i had offered, at the Mano Erina thread.

Joyful Sustenance
the multitude of thoughts,
that arise from the sight of thee,
makes me be elated,
the gaze of,
your clear and earnest eyes,
pierce through my soul,
your beauty is beyond compare,
a distillation of the ages,
glowing in the daylight,
like a muse from nature,
enthuse me with your grace,
charm and humility,
for you are my being of adoration,
clear cut and true,
a reason for living.
and thus of joyful sustenance.

Porting some works from the old poetry thread.. and most of them were published/written before i knew H!P, and it was my first foray into Anime/manga, so much of the feelings of the mangaka still endured within me

all the older dates are the first ones ever published, those with newer 2ndary dates is the 2nd time it was published, and so forth.

2nd published May 02 2007 - 1st publishedJune 02, 2005 =
Wannabe Cassanova -

The moonlight so bright, glimmers in twilight,

glancing off, your sweet brow,

creamy delight, framed by your mane,

of luxuriant, glossy black hair,

tender eyes looking my way, contemplating,

things, i may never know,

the truth is, as much as i long,

to be with you, remaining far,

i am unworthy, of such beauty,

of both mannerisms, and superficially,

as much as i adore, those lips in the twilight,

glistening with promise, gleaming in the night,

thinking what words, would spout,

clear and true, thro’ the parting of,

your graceful lips, serenading me,

my darling Juliet, to me a Romeo,

but you remain a dream, mere thoughts in my head

making this true, be my wish fulfilled,

but for now i’d leave, my words on the cliff,

as i have not the Juliet, i can sing to.


1st published -September 14, 2006=Twin-ty Poetry ( when i was 20)
2nd published - May 2, 2007

Poem EIN
Looking in your eyes,
drinking in your smile,
this bliss i feel,
is truly bizarre,
holding you,
wrapped up tight,
cloistered away,
inside my mind,
yearning for you,
wanting you,
drives me and my mind,
utterly insane,
just thinking of you,
transcends every feeling,
being with you,
would it be heaven?

Ah, My love,
shine ‘neath the stars,
glittering with promise,
whilst thou share,
this love, o’serendipitious love,
drink in it, we shall,
ever blissfully,
never regretfully,
’tis true, my pure one,
that though we be apart,
and you are not in sight,
my thoughts, actions, and words,
are for naught if not,
for thee.

the walk

walking is such a breeze

when its with a person you adore

never have to say please

to walk her to her door

but has it to be

she is with him and not me

it makes me feel

lady luck’s deserted me

am i just a pawn

of fate’s cruel game

all i can say is

i’ll find another

but never one with such finesse

nor grace or sophistication

as i walk her to her door

i remind my self

my actions fraught with lies

but tis’ so and i’ll confess to her

my feelings and true passion

are only towards


The Non-H!P Fan Fiction Thread

02 September 2009 - 04:39 AM

Righto! THis will be the master link, where you post up links to your own fanfics (non-H!P related of course) ( on other boards, fanfiction.net, your blogs etc etc...) this will serve purely as a link and CONSTRUCTIVE criticism thread.
PS:Will post mine up As soon as i can find the link :sob: