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A.M. Amoz Mode > Receiving Day

Posted 19 October 2007

Today I received 3 new cd's, but as I haven't made any entry of the package I got one month ago, I'll start with it:
So the package I received last month was my first fully contemode related order:
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A.M. Amoz Mode > New signature.

Posted 04 September 2007

This was ready already on sunday, but I haven't really been able to access my image host too well lately, thus haven't been able to add the sig for rotation. I'll keep it as the sole sig for now.

Anyways, the "Tenshi no Me" signature series consists of my favorite H!P members and the newest addition is my favorite Berryz member...

A.M. Amoz Mode > New Package: Yurina + Clazziquai

Posted 04 September 2007

So, today I got my newest package in mail, this time I experimented a bit and used hmv.co.jp instead of amazon.co.jp (if it had been only cd's, I would have used cdjapan) and apart from the not too good packaging material everything was fine. Only week from the sending date. For photobook needs I'll most likely continue with amazon jp.


A.M. Amoz Mode > 1TB ul club!!

Posted 23 August 2007

Finally I have 1 tera uled on H!O tracker. Now, 2 teras is the next stop, tho that will take a while.
If only I had better ul speed it would be easier. My 8/1 would be better as 8/8 or 10/10.

A.M. Amoz Mode > Photos of Kanna's 2007 winter concert solo photobook

Posted 21 August 2007

I decided to let people see what my version of the concert solo photobook looks like. I didn't want to scan as that would have just bended/destroyed my own copy. And as it's not a scan the quality ain't best possible, but this is better than nothing anyways. Oh yes, mine was the 54th Kanna pb...