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In Topic: HaloPro Tap Live - ハロプロタップライブ

28 December 2014 - 02:03 PM

^ haaa I can't seem to get anything from C-ute's outfit ;___;
I also don't have the orange skirt yet, and only got the Berryz boots. I keep on playing Crazy Kanzen but it just won't get me anything other than Airi's N cards.


Never mind ! Just got the shirt and skirt !

In Topic: HaloPro Tap Live - ハロプロタップライブ

25 December 2014 - 10:57 PM


Yeah I'm talking about conversions !

Well, I didn't play daily for a long time, but started doing so since the beginning of the month. I also "trained" many cards to boost up my main character. I'm actually trying to reach the limit break of the main chara to know what will happen then. I'm only 100 stages away from that ! Also, when you play "Hard" level, you get a lot more MVP and your cards level up a bit faster than if you used the same amount of life on "Easy" or "Normal" mode (but you especially waste less time leveling up). But it's easier to get SS with Easy mode and pieces of outfits, and you can play more games and reach the limit break of your main character faster this way. 

In Topic: HaloPro Tap Live - ハロプロタップライブ

25 December 2014 - 10:22 PM

So -
I got some of the raincoat outfits items !
The green "shirt" from ONE TWO THREE

The blue "shirt" from Watashi ga iu Mae ni Dakishimenakya ne 

The orange "shirt" from YUME MIRU 15

The green skirt from ONE TWO THREE
The blue skirt from Romance no Tochuu
The boots from (I think) Renai Revolution 21

I also got a white umbrella (that I assume goes with this outfit) but I can't remember with which song! 


all in easy mode.
I've been playing since the game was released, my chara is at level 35, but I still haven't gotten any SR or SSR… It's a bummer. And the diamonds are so rare it's difficult to wait for another chance to play the SR/SSR Gatcha. And last time I played it I only got a R card (though I got Risako, that I never had before, and was happy about that). The Diamonds system is probably my only complaint about the game. At least if we could buy some with the Haro Coins (even if it's 100 000 coins, it would still be nice).


(Edit : I'm adding to the list)

In Topic: The Girls Live

26 September 2014 - 11:17 AM

They misspelled S/Mileage's name during the TGL promo:




Some fans see this as disrespectful.  Remember when staff (almost) forgot to include S/Mileage's name on that cake:



I love how they announce they will change their name after you pointed that out. But they also corrected it this time !

In Topic: [10/15] Morning Musume '14 57th single - TIKI BUN / Shabadabadoo~ / Mikae...

10 September 2014 - 03:38 PM

I tried to color-code and do the romaji for the rumored lyrics of Tiki Bun. Correct me if you see any mistake !


Sayumi Riho Sakura Mizuki Ayumi Ikuta Kanon Haruna Haruka Masaki 



Chikibunbun chikichiki bunbun Yeah (tsunku)


Chikibunbun chikichiki bunbun (unison)

Chikibunbun chikichiki bunbun (unison)


getsuyou no yoru heya ni hitori no watashi

sekai ni konnani

takusan no hito ga iru no ni

Kosei nante dousureba dekiru no ?


ano ko ha itsumo doko demo

watashi yori kira kira shiteru


motto tsuyoku naritai

kawaiku naritai

aitsu ni furimuite hoshii


Chikibunbun chikichiki bunbun

sekai no heiwa wo negaitakya

doryoku wo oshinka susumenainda ze

hikari wo shinjite su-su-me!


(edit : "getsuyou" thanks to 洋hiromi水)