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Ruru's Blog! :) > Testing

Posted 03 April 2009

I hate testing.

It started Tuesday and it's ending next Wednesday. :ph34r:

And we got to eat gum!

There was this boy who ate his gum, but it got on his test booklet & answer document. (It was hilarious! :GGRR:)

He wasn't in my homeroom, but he was in my history class and admitted that it was true.

I'm also going to see a...

Ruru's Blog! :) > Welcome to Ruru's Blog!

Posted 30 March 2009

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Hi minna-san! As you all know, my name is Hotaru, but you can call me Ruru if you like. :w00t:

My day was weird today. :ph34r:

It's because we had those dreaded SATs. (standardized tests... :good: )

Then every class went by really fast. :GGRR: (The classes were...