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28 April 2009 - 05:12 PM

Hmm.. Think I'm dropping by Kino after my exams on Wed... Hope they still haf stock for Kindai then..
Alrite Ares.. I get ur hint <3 I'll try to get u a picture at least... Think I need to outsource for BLT liao.. LOL..

I have been wanting BLT as well, personally i think BLT has better MM pictures than Kindai. I wonder if we can request Kino to ship BLT from its main shop in Japan to Singapore or not, afterall it's a service for customer yah! But the chance is rather slim i think... = ="

In Topic: The Singapore H!P Fan Community

23 April 2009 - 12:33 PM

^ welcome..
wow tat e news was in mypaper..bt -.-"..
its jus a 2ch rumor..she was nt smoking nor drinkin..its was jus said tat she was..theres no pic showin tat she is doin those..e news is kinda new too..

I saw this news too! I choose to believe that reina has nothing to do with the cigarettes and lighter too, because there isn't any evidence. But what surprised me more is to see MM's news appearring in Singapore's newspaper. Posted Image