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Hara Minami, Team E (Graduated)

24 October 2011 - 05:00 PM

I couldn't find a thread for this pretty girl so i decided to start one :)

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Name: Hara Minami (原望奈美)
Nickname: Minapon (みなぽん)
Birthdate: December 24th, 1995 (15) (Blood Type: O)
Birthplace: Aichi, Japan
Height: 163cm
B/W/H: 81cm/60cm/86cm
Team: Team E
Generation: 4th Gen
Agency: Pythagoras


  • Promoted to Team E on December 6th, 2010.
  • Hobbies: Shopping
  • Speciality: Dancing
  • Future Ambition: Talent, Model
  • Favourite Food: Eel
  • Favourite Phrase: Dreams exist to be fulfilled
  • One Line Message: As a member of SKE48, I'll do m best every day! I'll show a colour of my own.

I noticed Minapon when i went to SKE's tokyo concert this summer becuase of her looks and dancing skills but i didn't know back then who it was. She just made it into senbatsu for the first time for the upcoming single Oki Doki and I'm pretty sure that we'll see her a lot more in the future :)


PK91's shop - SALE! Free Shipping, Bonus NFS photos etc

01 April 2011 - 06:37 PM

Sale!! =)


I'm selling things that I bought a little over a year ago. The stuff has been lying in a box since then so everything is in perfect condition, just like new. 


The prices are the same as the original ones, however I won't charge anything for paypal fees and I'll give you free shipping (SAL) so it's a really good deal i think :) I'll accept payments in $ or yen if you prefer that (but the price in swedish crones is a little cheaper). Upon this I'll also add one not for sale photos for every 132 sek/2000 yen/$21,3 you buy for (check the available ones in the last pictures). 


Ikuta Erina Microfiber Towel from Morning Musume musical "Reborn"  231 sek/3500 yen/$37,3


Pamphlet from Morning Musume musical "Reborn"  99 sek/1500 yen/$16


Ikuta Erina 2L photo sets from Morning Musume musical "Reborn" 33 sek/500 yen/$5,3 each

Attached File  P1030739.JPG   53.58KB   67 downloads


Morning Musume photo book from Ai-chan Graduation Concert 99 sek/1500 yen/$16

Attached File  P1030734.JPG   196.38KB   53 downloads


Hello! Channel 5  119sek/1800 yen/$19,2

Attached File  P1030735.JPG   251.69KB   26 downloads


Hello! Channel 6 119sek/1800 yen/$19,2

Attached File  P1030736.JPG   207.7KB   11 downloads


Morning Musume 2011 Alo-Hello photo book 198 sek/3000 yen/$32

Attached File  P1030737.JPG   136.07KB   43 downloads


Ikuta Erina BLT T-shirt 2011 Summer size M incl photos - 218 sek/3300 yen/$35,2


Ikuta Erina L photo set A 30 sek/450 yen/$4,8


Ikuta Erina L photo set B 30 sek/450 yen/$4,8


Ikuta Erina L photo set C 30 sek/450 yen/$4,8


Ikuta Erina L photo set D 30 sek/450 yen/$4,8


Ikuta Erina L photo set E 30 sek/450 yen/$4,8


Ikuta Erina L photo set F 30 sek/450 yen/$4,8


Ikuta Erina L photo set G 30 sek/450 yen/$4,8


Ikuta Erina L photo set H 40sek/600 yen/$6,4


Ikuta Erina L photo set I 40sek/600 yen/$6,4


Morning Musume L photo set A 89 sek/1350 yen/$14,4


Morning Musume L photo set B 89 sek/1350 yen/$14,4


Morning Musume L photo set C 89 sek/1350 yen/$14,4


Morning Musume L photo set D 89 sek/1350 yen/$14,4


Morning Musume L photo set E 69sek/1050 yen/$11,2


Morning Musume L photo set F 69sek/1050 yen/$11,2


Morning Musume 2011 Alo-Hello rare "post card size" (between L and 2L) photo set A 149 sek/2250 yen/$24


Morning Musume 2011 Alo-Hello rare "post card size" (between L and 2L) photo set B 149 sek/2250 yen/$24


Morning Musume 2011 Alo-Hello rare "post card size" (between L and 2L) photo set C 149 sek/2250 yen/$24


H!P egg solo 2L sets. 33 sek/500 yen/$5,3 each

Attached File  P1030740.JPG   55.97KB   49 downloads


H!P egg solo 2L sets. 33 sek/500 yen/$5,3 each

Attached File  P1030741.JPG   65.23KB   95 downloads


NFS photos. Choose one for every 132 sek/2000 yen/$21,3 you buy for!

Attached File  P1030765.JPG   120.56KB   158 downloads

Attached File  P1030766.JPG   75.23KB   141 downloads

PK91's "get anything from japan" shop ATM has now closed. Thank you everyon...

31 March 2011 - 07:06 AM

Hi everyone  :)


I'm really sorry but I've now after some thinking decided to quit offering this service. A lot have changed over the last three years, in the beginning I was studying at a language school, had a lot of free time and was able to travel around to get different goods from different venues. Although from last year, I'm studying at university and I'm also involved in a couple of other projects taking up most of my time and I haven't really been able to offer the kind of service that I want, which have resulted in delays when replying to messages and when sending goods. That's why I have now taken this decision and I hope you can understand me.


I want to thank all of you who have my services over the past three years. I don't know how many packages I've shipped but at least a couple of hundreds and there has on a few occasions been some troubles but not even one single time has any package gone missing which is amazing. Your happiness and nice words when receiving your goods have made me happy too and it's been a pleasure helping all of you  :)


Maybe sometime in the future I might be able to start up again, but until then I wish you all the best. If you have any questions in general about Japan or life here I'll do my best answering your pms, but don't expect any fast reply   ^_^


Thanks!!!   :good:




  • I can buy you anything from Japan!
  • 25% fee! (+ paypal's fee) (for all orders under 4000 yen there will be a fixed fee of 1000 yen)
  • To buy send me a pm with what you want, which shipping option, post adress, and after you've recieved my reply send me the money through desired payment method smile.gif

Changes from 8/15



I am currently living in Tokyo, Japan and I'd be happy to help you guys get Jpop goods, stuff or anything from Japan really.

The fee i will charge for doing this is 25%, which is the lowest fee you will find on this forum, and also cheaper than buying from HellostoreUSA with their sky high shipping fees.

I'm mainly a fan of H!P, AKB48 and Momoiro clover so I'll mostly go to their events. But I'll be able to get you other stuff as well, however if I need to go far away from where I live to buy something (for example goods of another group at their concert) I might ask you to pay for my metro ticket. But just send me a pm in this case and we'll figure something out!

I'm also able to buy old magazines (like UTB and BLT), old photocards (mainly AKB) as well as not-for-sale posters (mainly previous promotion posters). And of course I'm also able to get you stuff from the H!P shop (link 1 (most of the goods I need to mail order), link 2 (what's available in the actual shop)), the AKB theater or any other stores, regardless of what kind of shop it is. I can also buy you stuff from online shops that only ship within Japan. As I said I can buy you anything really smile.gif

How to make an order:

Send a PM with the following:

  • What you want me to buy for you.
  • Which shipping option you want to use.
  • The address I should sent the it to.

I'll get back to you as soon as possible with the full price (price*1.25+post fees). Please notice that I won't buy anything until I get the payment.

Shipping options:

Option: Delivery Time. Tracking and Insurance. (Price example, 300g to USA)

  • SAL: Around 20 days. No. (380yen)
  • Air Mail: Around 10 days. No. (600 yen)
  • EMS: Around 5 days. Yes. (1200 yen)

If you want SAL or Air Mail but want it registred (so you can track it) & insured it costs 410 yen extra.

Payment: Paypal or Bank transfer to either Sweden or Japan.

Feel free to ask me any questions through pm. I check my inbox a couple of times each day!

Looking forward to your orders! smile.gif

Deadline for tour goods (usually 1-2 days before the concert takes place):

Berryz Kobo Spring Tour 2012 - 4/27 - Goods list
C-ute Spring/Summer Tour 2012 - 5/2 - Goods list
Morning Musume Spring Tour 2012 - 5/16 - Goods list

H!P Summer 2012 - 8/16 - Goods list
Morning Musume Autums 2012 - 11/15 - Goods list

List of web shops I've helped people to buy from (and what kind of goods i bought from the shop):

http://www.7netshopping.jp/all/ (AKB goods, magazines)
http://shop.akb48.co.jp/ (AKB goods)
http://shop.ske48.co.jp/ (SKE goods)
http://shop.nmb48.com/ (NMB goods)
http://www.sunshine-sakae-netshop.jp/ (AKB goods)
http://eshop.fujitv.co.jp/ (Idoling!!! goods)
http://www.helloshop.jp/ (H!P goods)
http://www.fandamon.com/ (Passpo goods)
http://raw-photo.net/ (johnny's photos)
http://i-photo.tv/ (johnny's photos)
http://www.uf-online.jp/ (H!P goods)
http://www.e-lineup.com/ (H!P Dvd's etc)

PK91's H!P shop

08 November 2010 - 09:04 PM


The H!P YouTube/Veoh/etc thread

04 May 2009 - 10:50 PM

I think it would be great to have a thread where we post H!P youtube (or Veoh etc) clips. Like if you don't know what to do you can look here and kill some time. It can be like everything; great live performances, funny clips, OPVs etc as long as it's H!P.

I think it would be nice if you added some short description of the clip, like the title or youtube description so we other know approximately what it's about.

To show you guys what I thought it could be like I post some clips here. Probably most of you have seen these before, but maybe someone have missed them XD

Mai & Chisato put sugar in Maimi's lunch[sub]
Momo & Chissa backstage http://www.youtube.c...feature=related
Niigaki Risa & Kamei Eri on Dohhh! UP [2009.01.21] (Subtitled)
[OPV] Morning Musume Graduation Ceremony

If you moderators somehow don't like this thread just delete it or if there is any other small problem, tell me and I can edit my this post.

Shoot! XD