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Katiechi And Her Little Shop~

02 September 2011 - 12:32 PM

Welcome to my shop~

- PM if you want to buy something =)
- I only accept Paypal payments (sent as payment owed).
- Please send money using Yen (I would hate anyone to accidently send £200 like I did once o_o)!!
- You don’t have to have the free item, but if you want it it’s yours.
- I ship from the UK
- If I am unavailable for a certain period of time, I will say so on this thread.
- At the moment I cannot trade, but when I can I trade for Rika, Ai, Risa, Eri, Sayumi, Koharu, Junjun, Riho, Zukki, Haruna, Ayumi, Miyabi, Saki N and Meimi.
- I hold things for 1 week.
- I can only give refunds if there has been a problem with whoever or whatever I have ordered photos from. If your item was damaged, I will need proof.

- UK Shipping is 200 Yen.
- Worldwide Shipping is 300 Yen.
- However if they include a CD or something heavy, an extra 100 yen will be added to the shipping fee.
- If your order is over 2,000 yen, shipping is FREE

- L size is 180 Yen.
- Postcard Size is 240 Yen.
- 2L size is 360 Yen.
- Otherwise individually priced.