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BPM15Q (BPM Ichigokyuu) is a new age DJ vocal unit made up of IchigoRinahamu (苺りなはむ) and Nicamoq (にかもきゅ) with a yume kawaii theme. All music and outfits are self produced.


Announced on May 31st, their first events will take place June 20th and 21st, followed by an event June 28th!



苺りなはむ / IchigoRinahamu / Rinahamu

Name: Yokoyama Rina

Birthdate: 4/11


Rinahamu is an ex-member of both BiS and Akishibu Project. In 2014 she gave herself a mission: sell 5,000 copies of her debut solo single or retire. The single's title 苺りなはむ and it included 5 songs. Later in 2015, she followed up with a new single titled はむテール。. Also of note, she had a collaboration single with Younapi shortly after her solo debut in 2014. Under her belt is modeling, being an idol, solo work, and DJing.


Official Twitter x Official Site x Fan Tumblr (mine, selfish plugging)



にかもきゅ / Nicamoq / NiCA


I... honestly don't know much about her besides knowing she's a model / famous selfie taker and is a DJ. Anyone willing to help?


Official Twitter x Official Instagram




Official Site


A few articles, only one of which I've taken the time to (sloppily...) translate




IchigoRinahamu(苺りなはむ) x Nicamoq (にかもきゅ) have formed a new age DJ vocal unit - BPM15Q
IchigoRinahamu is an ex-member of BiS and Akishibu Project who recently completed her goal of selling 5,000 copies of a single or retiring. Nicamoq is a popular selfie taker and also works as a DJ. The two have come together to form BPM15Q (BPM Ichigokyuu) and announced the unit officially on May 31st with a surprise concert in Shinkiba STUDIO COAST at the "「LIVEプラスFESTIVAL」 supported by きみだけLIVE" event.
BPM15Q is a new age DJ vocal unit with a "yume kawaii" theme where all music and costumes are self-produced. Additionally, BPM15Q's first events will be at Sound Note Nagoya on June 20th and 21st, followed by an event in Tokyo at Shibuya NEO on June 28th. Keep your eyes on them in the future.



http://www.billboard.../detail/28732/2 (this one includes an interview?)


25 January 2014 - 07:03 AM


(l to r) Taguchi Miiro, Iseki Ami, Murayama Sara, Otani Emiri, Arakawa Yuuna, Ishikawa Natsumi, Kera Hinako, Yokoyama Rina, Miyatani Yue, Miyako Kaori, Funaki Saori, Hayashi Rena


Akishibu Project, formed by Rinahamu, is a group that aims to connect male-focused Akihabara culture with female-focused Shibuya culture.


A few of the girls are gyaru models while others dance online and things like that.


Currently they have no releases, but they're most likely working on that.


Their home page is here: http://akishibup.net/index.html


Their Ustream is here: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/akishibu


Their Wikipedia page is here (for anyone who may have a go at translation): http://ja.wikipedia....iki/アキシブproject



This is kind of a quick setup, and I'll probably put up member information soon. I wanted to have a topic made since I'm falling in love with this group despite not having much if any videos to go on.


I began digging into my favorite ex-member of BiS, Rinahamu, and discovered this group of girls. I really hope they can make a name for themselves as time goes on.




This video, from my VERY basic knowledge, is of Rinahamu discussing how the first year of Akishibu Project was a huge failure, but that they're fighting to keep going and have a lot of events planned for this year.

Cheeky Parade

25 February 2012 - 09:47 PM

Cheeky Parade are a new girl group with nine lovely members. They're the second idol group to debut out of iDOL Street; the first being SUPERGiRLS. Their first song, Cheeky dreamer, is an upbeat song with a dance that member Seran considers "violent".

Posted Image

Top Row, left to right: Suzuki Yuriya (Yuriya), Shimazaki Rino (Rinono)
Middle Row, left to right: Watanabe Asami (Asamin), Nagai Hina (Hinachun), Yamamoto Marin (Marinko), Mizorogi Seran (Seran), Sekine Yuuna (Yuunyan)
Bottom Row, left to right: Kodakari Momoka (Momochun), Suzuki Mariya (Mariya)

They must sell 5,000 copies of Cheeky dreamer in order to have a major debut. As of 4/23, they are at 1,750/5,000.


Indie Singles
Cheeky dreamer (2012.04.01)

iDOL Street site
Official blog

Facebook fan page (Lots of information)

Ueno Kasumi, Team E (Graduated)

15 August 2011 - 06:46 PM

Posted Image

Ueno Kasumi

Nickname: Kasusu (かすす)
Birthdate: 1994/6/29
Bloodtype: A
Birthplace: Gifu, Japan
Height: 159cm
Three Sizes: B78 W60 H82
Shoe Size: 24.0cm
Hobby: None
Special Skill: Shoulder massage
Dream for the future: Magazine model, Bungee jump location
Favorite food: Liver, sazae, eel liver, hormone
Favorite word: Color
Message: It's important to take one step at a time!


15 August 2011 - 04:03 AM

Copy/pasting from the generasia wiki

D.D.D is a 4-member group with two members from Bishoujo Club 31, Sakamoto Maria and Goto Miyuu. The group features Sakamoto Maria on vocals with the rest of the members primarily doing the chorus and has a strong focus on dance. They have been in hiatus since 2006.

Posted Image

Sakamoto Maria (top left)
Goto Miyuu (top right)
Ochiai Masumi (bottom left)
Uesugi Risa (bottom right)

01. Heart
02. Kokoro no Tobira

Negai ~wishing~
01. Negai ~wishing~
02. h.e.l.p.

01. Heart
02. treasure
03. Negai ~wishing~
04. Call me
05. get' up
06. jerutemoc-smaerd-rutumukaridu-
07. h.e.l.p.
08. My Destiny
09. Lovin' You
10. Kokoro no Tobira
11. Negai ~wishing~ guitar version
12. Negai ~wishing~ piano version

I don't have the singles, but I do own the album! I ripped it in 320 kbps MP3 as soon as I got it. :D

D.D.D album

The different arrangements of Negai ~wishing~ are a definite must listen. Those, along with get' up and Lovin' You, are my favorite tracks. <3