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05 August 2008 - 01:36 AM

Thank you for reply my posting, Yabun Musuko! Your city Houston seems like Tokyo very much, yes? not pretty but humid and hot with pollution, this is sad for you. Lucky that you are experience for driving and experience for decision making, I am not good for these things. Although you are very young, yes? with not much experience for dating? kind of like me, yes? Anyway if we will go for date together, you will drive your car to pick me? or we will meet together some other place? which way is proper and best? I don't know.


04 August 2008 - 04:48 AM

Let's try Internet Dating!

Okay, but I tried this one on internet site! and some questions both phrases are truth! Like #1, some people think I'm funny but sometimes people say I'm silly! and #2, I am full-figure but also I have kind of big you know what too. And #5, I am actress and singer both! and maybe I'm a little bit chubby but not too much! because I am full-figure woman, and etc. so probably I am disqualified from this e-match site, yes? Do you think so? Sigh. Anyway I like you, okay?

I like you too Arche-JoIyO, you are a sweet girl but remember I am your senior, okay? so you may call me anything that is proper but don't call me Grandma! :lol:


03 August 2008 - 10:13 PM

To Hello!Online Dating Department:

Young professional woman, late 20s, seeks contact with sincere man maybe a little older or younger for boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. I have exactly no experience so you must tell me what to do, okay? Like, where do we meet for cozy talk and whatever else we are supposed to do? Also, I am kind of short, okay? so if you are really tall I think it won’t work because you’ll just be looking at the top of my head.

It’s good that you like H!P music and people, I know a lot about that company! but I can’t tell you everything because my friends will become upset if you know silly things about them like what they wear to sleep and how they play games together and other secrets like that. I can tell you other things, like sweet names their parents call them! and how they behave when they are practicing! and how many times each week their managers must scold them!

Okay, please be a nice man! and teach me about relationship properly, because I don't know very much about the daily life! my work is very demanding, also I am not so good for making decisions, my skill for that pretty much sucks so I like to receive good advice. I hope you will like to be cozy talking with me! and I hope you will like the Nature, and especially going to camping near the ocean! I hope you like to smile and laugh, I always smile because I have fun in everything I do.

I almost forgot! if you know how to drive, this is very fine! I have a car but I am not so good for driving.