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16 May 2018 - 08:42 PM

Hey peeps the Hot Wave interview video is here !!

In Topic: Iginari Touhoku San (いぎなり東北産)

14 April 2018 - 08:34 AM

Thank you for the report. I envy you for being able to attend those events.

Was there much attendance at those events?

Their Show @Aika Cultures Theatre was full house.

The release event on the 31 March 2018 was close to 400 fans. 

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12 April 2018 - 05:46 PM

Wanna share my experience with you guys hereeee!!

  • 29 March 2018

Finally got to see them live @Akiba cultures theatre 

It's a damn awesome performance for 1 hour. 

1 cds for 1 round of Hi-touch session ( Each person is limited to 2 rounds of Hi-touch session )

Itadaki Launcher , Travel , High Tension Summer , Tenka Ippin CDs was sold at their booth.


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  • 31 March 2018

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It's a open area with super strong cold wind blowing^


Release Event @東京イースト21 / Tokyo East 21

Their 1st Release Event in Tokyo

2 mini lives session in total.

  1. 11.30~ Mini live + Handshake 
  2. 14.30~ Mini live + Handshake + random 2shots + group shot 

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Same merchs was sold @the booth

Itadaki Launcher , Travel , High Tension Summer , Tenka Ippin CDs 

This time round is a little different. 

1 Cd for 1 round of handshake ( A group or B group ) cause they are divided into 2 groups 4 members each.

2 Cds for 1 random two shots with the member. << Sold out in a flash  :o

3 Cds for 1 group shot  ( A group or B group ) cause they are divided into 2 groups 4 members each.


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They sang Wonderful Tohoku as their ending song for the 2nd mini [email protected]

Was rooting for this song since they did not sing it @Akiba cultures theatre live.

The girls are super energetic even tho the weather is super cold. 

Words just can't describe how awesome is the live.  <3  <3

The whole event ended around 16.30. 


I'm left with a pair of Itadaki Launcher CDs, I would like to share the joy with you all.

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I will send it out for free. Drop me a DM . 

Please support them !!  


I'm from Singapore CHEERS!!

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23 July 2012 - 04:00 PM

Happy 13th Birthday Lilha! <3
I made her a Birthday Card! XD Credits to the person that pass it to her! Thanks a lot!
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In Topic: Jewel Kiss

23 July 2012 - 02:54 PM

Checking their USTREAM videos and blogs it seems that recently they had a beach party with friends! Very nice idea. It seems like they had a lot of fun. The fans in Hokkaido can be happy that Jewel Kiss is so close to their fans. Imagine that with other units. You can be lucky if you get a handshake. But Jewel Kiss fans can play around with them on the beach. :w00t:

Yeah! I saw the video! I envy those Jewel Kiss fans! If you notice. They sang the bob the builder song some where in the video. It's super cute! :w00t:
Jewel Kiss is awesome! They buried Lira legs in the sands ! :omg: