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Hey, I'm mostly at mattthecat's matsuurian website. And my name is pronounced Fanny1eleven. But I come here occasionally. Every now and again I'll stop in on the Risa Niigaki, Koharu Kusumi, Sayumi Michishige threads here. But anyone that knows me knows that in the world of H!P I drool for Aya Matsuura! WOTA! She's hot, she's sexy and if you look like her, I love you! Since your here, say hello, leave a message. I love all the arts. MMM...Literature, Movies, music and actual Art, like paintings, drawings or sketches. But unlike Leonardo da Vinci I think music reigns above all! Life is like music, it starts with a pace or beat and then there's the obvious and then there's also whats lying underneath the bed of it all. Just like the beat, lyrics and little intricate sounds you could miss if your not paying enough attention. Right? But I also feel like life's to short to be making top 10 lists all the time, so I just go with the flow, slowing down around whatever catches my eye. But don't take me for a bore because I love talking nonsense, I can spend hours talking about nothing important. So lets talk! I think tsunku looks weird, some of the H!P costumes look clownish, and at times the music can be pure shit! But some of the people seem like really good company, people I'd love to hang with. And a huge chunk of the music is pretty catchy. And tsunku's got a real good taste in girls cause H!P is full of babes! Like the few I've already mentioned and even some of the golden oldies like, Hitomi Yoshizawa, Kaori Iida, Nozomi Tsuji, Natsumi Abe, AND Yuko Nakazawa. Even though I like the natural look Maki Goto also makes my list. But in no particular order because I don't make official lists, remember? Even though I don't have a set type for what attracts me to women and these girls listed already should show it, I must say that I prefer brown eyed babes more times then the rest. But of course a good smile and a twinkle in your eye can at times be more than enough to set my heart on fire. ;) But in most cases I'd rather be a girls friend than have a girl be my girlfriend. But my friendship is free, the world is to small to limit the amount of people you let get to know you, so girls and guys are welcome, shoot me a line whenever about whatever. I dare you... No topic is too weird for me! For instance I took a personality test over at similarminds dot com and after the 126 questions the results came out to say that I have a 70% peter pan complex. So I guess I must admit that the description was pretty right on. So go ahead and test yourself there and let me know how you score. Because I think everybody here has got to have some level of a peter pan complex since just about everything about H!P is about youth. The image, the colors and even the high voices. And I must admit even I long for those days when responsibility was a myth and everyday was a game. But I find that this webby is a great way to be linked with others that share a love for these girls in the H!P community. Because well.... They're Beautiful!!! Risa with her glowing glamorous face and playful attitude. Koharu with her simple and goofy approach to everything. She looks endlessly fun! And who doesn't love to have fun? And... Bam! BOM! BUM! Sayumi Michishige! As many call her the devil, I'll definitely add that she's a smiling delightful devil! She looks wild and charmingly mischievous. Seeing her eyes float around a room like she's already sizing up and compiling something devious to say or do, and then at the end of it she'll cover it up and get you to forgive her by chiming in with the magic words "USA-CHAN PEACE!!!!". And boom!!! Your disarmed and in love! And now your her new playtoy to be commanded as her little black heart see fits. :sly: <--SAYUU!!! BUT! BUT!! BUUTT! Aya Matsuura is the cream of the crop. With her dark amber stone colored eyes!! Melting the heart of all who look upon her, Men and even Women! DON'T LIE!!! YOU LOVE HER!!! The prefect balance between feminine princess and girl next door, WOW!! Thinking about her now makes me blush!! Up top and down below!! Yes, I enjoy speaking about Aya's influence on me. It feels good... And I bet she does as well! Then her little but luscious lips with it's own cute little brown citizen. Her birthmark. YAY! Just a little sprinkle I'll meet when my lips reach out for hers. Muh! I'm smiling right now and my mouth is drying up and I'm enjoying thinking about Aya's mouth while lubricating my own. DAMN! AWW, if I was in chains I'd rip out of my flesh just to touch her. Sexy cheek bones, nice neck line and a tight little body that I'd like to lick like runny ice cream. Each limb of my body are independently called to her. And that's just the exterior. :drool: Now... As for Aya's personality. She looks witty, sweet and fun. Even if she didn't have a face I'd still be charmed by her. I'd totally want to go on adventures with her! I feel like a panther ready to pounce every time I see her with her legs crossed!! For songs that I feel that show off her voice I'd say check out, En Kyori no Renai, S Kun, 100Kai no Kiss, Date Biyori, Sogen no Hito, Onna Day by Day, and she even busts a flow in the song GET UP! Rapper; her solo version you can find in her X3 album. And at one of her Christmas shows she's covers Wham! or George Michael's song Last Christmas which no offense to Boa but Aya's version sounds best to my ears!! :wub: YESS, a real singer shines even outside of the recording booth and Aya's voice still lifts in her live performances. Just listen to her sing her song Soulmate in her live Aya the Witch dvd. But aside from her that makes my mouth water I also enjoyed watching Ayaka's Surprise English Lessons, Hello Morning, [email protected], and even some of the Flets and Yorosen! episodes. As for Ayaka no Totsugeki Eikaiwa or Ayaka's Surprise English Lessons from Bishoujo Kyouiku I and II, these were really fun to watch. It'd not only be educational but also hilarious. Ayaka Kimura would teach a line that she deemed useful to know in english and the H!P gals would try to say it back correctly. Then after weeks Ayaka would test them on their english lessons and any that they got wrong Ayaka would fire a balloon gun which would pop a blown up balloon in their faces. :nosebleed: All this would be in an entertaining three minute segment which all the then morning musume girls participated in. And one guest on the show on 2001-09-05 was Aya Matsuura who brought electricity to the tv. No she didn't learn an english phrase but she did have time to promote her single Love Namidairo. But as for the show Hello Morning and [email protected], these were two primo tv shows to tune into. With the skits, the challenges and even the witty banter between the girls. And of course Aya Matsuura. Who visited every now and again and who rocked it every time she was on. It was very clear to me even then that amongst them she's on another level. Even in the H!P Sports Festival's, which was a mini Olympics for Idols. Not to mention courses with silly obstacles like spin yourself around and go run with and egg on a spoon to receive a letter that has some trivial question that you must answer in a hurry or else you get bumped to the back of the line! And the great thing about it was that it was all the girls that attended. So no one was left out because everyone's favorite was there. And it was great more so because after they'd try to be athletic and clever on the field, at the end of it all they did what they were initially hired to do which was sing. And sing they did, even while still glistening of sweat from enduring a madhouse of events. None fainted and some of you fell in love all over again. Such is the charm of beauty. PERIOD!

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