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KikinoKoiKana's Blog > Hello ! Project in NEW YORK CITY!!?

Posted 25 July 2011

Hey there y'all!~

It's a been a while hasn't it... Sorry.


I was looking at H!P's wikipedia page and saw this:

"In 2011, the Hello! Project members performed The Star-Spangled Banner during their performance in New York City."


When were they...

KikinoKoiKana's Blog > Graduation and 9 audition?

Posted 13 August 2010

Hey guys,

I just came back from vacation and wasn't on the internet for a while (6 weeks).
Then out of no where JunJun, LinLin, and Kamei graduate!! I kinda had a feeling something big would happen....
well. I don't know what to say.... I am going to miss JunJun and LinLin so much!!~~ I loved JunJun the most because she had I think...

KikinoKoiKana's Blog > Enternity!~

Posted 19 June 2010

Hey guys,

As you have probably seen on the blog page a thing called Eternity has sprung up multiple times.


This is us.

Basically we are a H!P support group. We hand out flyers and cons and spread H!P.

Blog Page:...

KikinoKoiKana's Blog > OK!!

Posted 15 November 2009

WOW... I haven't posted a single blog in forever!!!

Hi everyone!! Sorry I had to keep you waiting.. (heh... ok no)

anyway... I'm feeling kinda nervous considering our school is doing a musical in a couple of months....

I'm a soprano B or second soprano and I need help on considering a song...

My mom wants me to defying...

KikinoKoiKana's Blog > Shugo CHara Musical

Posted 28 October 2009

I love SHugo CHara in general. Ikuto!!!

but I was wondering, because Fukuda-chan in it, would H!P make a dvd out of it because I would really love it see it...

just wondering....

SOMEONE please answer!!!


btw I love Berryz new singles... sooo good...