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About Me

Posted Image <--SNOWBOARDING FTW~!!! My bff Alicia (left) and meee~

Name: Jackie
Nickname(s): Kiki(fam & close friends; you can use it too ;P), Jay(when I hang wit da boyz~), Queen[ie](of DORKS)
Reason behind screen name: I tend to fall under EVERY SINGLE asian stereotype known to man. Hense, the "~asianqueen~"
Ethnicity: 100% Thai~ I can speak and understand fluently, but I can't read or write. I quit Thai saturday school too soon for it to stick. T-T
Other languages: English (of course) and Japanese. (I finished my Japanese studies in college and I can understand perfectly fine as long as the conversation is within my random vocabulary range. Same with reading and writing. However, I still have to think before I speak in Japanese....)

Posted Image <-- gift from good buddy Sniper~ It's gorgeous!

Age: 17
Weight: I'm not skinny. That's all you need to know. XDD
Height: Sometimes I'm 5''3', sometimes I'm 5''2.... don't ask me why or how, I don't know either.
My Hello! Project twin: Okai Chisato <=people keep saying I look like her. Now that's she's dyed her hair and got bangs... I guess everyone's right. *sweatdrop*

Posted Image <=obviously my camera sux LOOLZ

Favorite Color: Green and White
Pet: I don't have one cause my sis is afraid of anything with more than two legs. I want a dog SO BAD!
Favorite Animal: Pandas, Dogs, Cats, anything that is fluffy~
What I shout out when I'm surprised: "HOLY CRAP FACE~!!!"
Catchphrase: "...oh my..."

Hobbies: anything adventurous/dangerous, sports, band, drawing, singing, guitar, piano, reading, writing, dancing, games, dramas, hanging with buddies
Trivia skills: solving a rubix cube in under 2 minutes, DDR on heavy, knowing too many useless random trivia facts, and hurting myself somehow on a daily basis~

Posted Image <= KuteKim made this to help cure my writer's block~ <3
It fits my fic perfectly too! Check it out: ~Guardian Angle; Not Angel~

Sports: Various Martial Arts (black belt), Soccer (used to be right wing forward; currently not on a team), Tennis (captain of the varsity team), Snowboarding, Roller Blading, etc. (these are just the main ones)
Trained in: Tae Kwon Do, Hap Ki Do, Kumdo, Nunchucks, Judo, and Muay Thai

Posted Image Posted Image
TKD sparring~ <3 gah, I miss tourney competitions (>.<)...........................And my fav shot! The buggy whip~ <3

Who I admire: anyone who can make me yell "WOW~!" (that's pretty easy to do)
What I like about myself: I'm totally open minded to anything; seriously. (Except drugs. I'm clean and I intend to stay that way.) And I'm always in a good mood. I never really get angry. I can get annoyed, but not angry.

What I dislike about myself: I can be VERY stubborn. Impossible to talk me out of something when I've already made up my mind.
What I am scared of: disappointing people and swallowing pills... (O.o)
Charm point: ummm... my brown eyes? I've been told my eyes smile with me when I smile. (totally makes me look chinky eyed)

Posted Image <=AMAZING gift from my good friend kawaii beam!

Habits: I rearrange my bangs every 5 seconds, I'm constantly hurting myself due to clumsiness, I clap when I laugh, etc
Insrument: Why flute of course! (what else can the 'asianqueen' possibly play?) I'm a total BAND GEEK FOR LIFE! I'm in Wind Ensemble AND Marching Band. I used to be in Jazz Band and Jazz Combo while I was on tenor sax. I miss it~ (why do I sound so nerdy...?)

Posted Image Posted Image <-- sun is shining on me!

Music preference: I don't really have one since I'm pretty open. But I am a sucker for meaningful lyrics no matter what genre.
Fav H!P group: Morning Musume ALL THE WAY.
J-artists: The Brilliant Green, Mr. Children, flumpool, Aragaki Yui, Miura Daichi, Utada Hikaru, NEWS, Remioromen, etc.
K-pop: BIG BANG, SHINee, Super Junior, Girl's Generation, B2ST, DBSK, BoA, KARA, f(x), etc.
Thai-pop: K-OTIC, P.Bird, Katreeya English, KamiKaze, Seven Days
American music: I like up-beat, ballad, or things to dance to. I can't list out artists, cause I don't really follow them, I just like their songs.
Classical music?: HELLS YES.

Message to everyone: Well, I REALLY like meeting new people and making new friends. (<--that sounds so cliche', but how else am I supposed to word that) Feel free to PM me or leave me a comment to say 'Hi~'! If you want my facebook, you can ask.

Now, let's leave off with a GORGEOUS gift from another one of my good buddies, ArielSoul~~~ Who can resist an Ai-chan smile?

Posted Image

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