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Cocoa Otoko (ココア男。)

24 May 2011 - 10:02 PM

Cocoa Otoko
(l-r: Kei, Shogo, Kenta, Kousuke, Takuya)
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ココア男。are a Japanese male rock group made of the 5 members above.
The guys are managed by Avex Trax.


Current Members:
Kamakari Kenta: February 17th, 1984 (aged 27).
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He is the lead vocalist of the group.
He is known for playing Shishido Ryo in the "Prince of Tennis" musicals.
He comes from Osaka; Likes billiards, darts and soccer.

Hosogai Kei: October 10th, 1984 (aged 26).
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He is the bassist of the group.
He is known for appearing in "Nijiiro no garasu" and "Bokura wa Ano Sora no Shita de".
He comes from Tokyo.

Yonehara Kousuke: March 13th, 1986 (aged 25).
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He is the drummer of the group.
He is known for playing Hamlet / Romeo in the "Musical Air Gear" musicals.
He comes from Osaka; Likes kendo, badminton and driving.

Suzuki Shogo: February 4th, 1989 (aged 22).
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He is the guitarist of the group.
He is known for playing Chiaki Tani / Shinken Green in the "Samurai Sentai Shinkenger" series.
He comes from Kanagawa; Likes sport, snowboarding and tennis.

Ide Takuya: March 12th, 1991 (aged 20).
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He is the keyboardist / rapper of the group.
He is known for appearing in "Hotaru no Hikari 2" and being half of the duo SHIPS.
He comes from Tokyo.


RICH COCOA: 1st mini-album (December 1st, 2010).
1) Rebirth.
2) Let Me Free ~Goin na Hodo~.
3) ヒリヒリしようよ....
5) Do it!!!.
6) 君がいたから.
7) Amai Wana Nigai Uso....

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Block B (블락비)

13 April 2011 - 06:46 PM

Block B
(l-r: Kyung, B-Bomb, Taeil, Zico, Jaehyo, U-Kwon, P.O)
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블락비 are a South Korean male group made of the 7 members above.
The girls are managed by Brand New Stardom / managed by retired record producer / rapper Cho Joong-hoon.


Current Members:
Woo 'Zico' Jiho: September 14th, 1992 (aged 18)(leader).
He likes composing lyrics and raps (he wrote many for several of Cho PD's solo songs).
He participated in the "MNET Aura" Concert.
He helped produce Block B's first single album.

Lee Taeil: September 24th, 1990 (aged 20).
He won 1st place in the "Ginkgo Festival; Young Boys Division".
He participated as a guest during one of Wheesung's concerts.
He was active in a Hongdae Vocal Team.

Lee 'B-Bomb' Minhyuk: December 14th, 1990 (aged 20).
He participated in "Battle Shinhwa" Contest.
He won the title of "Co-X's Best Dancer".
He was in Cho PD's Korea City MV.

Ahn Jaehyo: December 23rd, 1990 (aged 20).
He won 1st place on "MNET's Variety Flower Boys; Busan Episode".
He was a 3rd generation member of "Best 9 School Ulzzangs".
He is a former B2ST trainee and C.N.Blue auditionee.

Kim 'U-Kwon' Yookwon: April 9th, 1992 (aged 19).
He helped write lyrics for a Miss S repackaged album.
He won 1st place in the "Inyang Arts Dance Festival; Young Boys Division".
He won a special award in the "Kyungkido Arts Dance Festival".

Park Kyung: July 8th, 1992 (aged 18).
He participated in the "MNET Aura" Concert.
He participated in "MTV Rock 'em Hard" Contest.
He helped write lyrics for Block B's first single album.

Pyo 'P.O' Jihoon: February 2nd, 1993 (aged 18).
He participated as a guest during one of Vibe's concerts.
He passed the 2nd Block B audition after losing 10kg and training intensively to improve his vocals and dance skills.
He currently attends Hanlim Entertainment High School.


do U wanna B?: 1st single album (April 13th, 2011).
1) Wanna B.
2) Freeze!.
3) Is It Only Me?.

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Co-Ed (남녀공학)

30 September 2010 - 07:35 PM

(l-r: Soomi, Kangho, Hyoyoung, Sungmin, Hyewon)
(l-r: Taewoon, Noori, Chanmi, Kwanghaeng, Yoosung)
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남녀공학 are a South Korean group made up of the 6 males and 4 females above.
They are managed by Core Contents Media.

Lee 'Smile' Soomi: March 3rd, 1989 (aged 21) (leader).
She is a former member of Korean girl group "SeeYa".
She is a former back-up dancer for many artists under other Entertainment agencies.
She is a former student of the Korea Aerospace University.
She auditioned for the "Young Jae Yook Sung" Project in 2001.

Lee 'Rascal' Kwanghaeng: January 20th, 1990 (aged 20).
He is a current student of the Baekseok Arts University.
He is currently starring in "Coffee House" as Yongmin, alongside Tiara's Eunjung.

Kim 'Sky Earth Yoosung' Jungwoo: May 9th, 1990 (aged 20).
He is a current student of the Bucheon University.
He is a former FNC Music trainee before transferring to Core Contents Media.
He participated in the "FNC Music Open Audition" Grand Prix and won first place.

Woo 'Sage' Taewoon: May 11th, 1990 (aged 20).
He is a current student of the Tokyo Polytechnic University.

Park 'Hot Blood Kangho' Yongsu: December 14th, 1991 (aged 18).
He is a current student of the Lila Art High School.

Heo 'Star Light' Chanmi: April 6th, 1992 (aged 18).
She is a current student of the Anyang School of Arts.
She is a former SM Entertainment trainee before transferring to Core Contents Media.

Kang 'Balance Noori' In Oh: March 3rd, 1993 (aged 17).
He is a current student of the Hyundai High School.
He shares the same birthdate with leader.

Ryu 'One Light' Hyoyoung: April 22nd, 1993 (aged 17).
She is a current student of the Sungeul High School.
She has a twin sister, Hwayoung, who joined fellow Korean girl group Tiara in 2010.

Jin 'One Star' Hyewon: March 6th, 1995 (aged 15).
Her nickname is "Little Goo Hara".

Choi 'Solid' Sungmin: December 17th, 1995 (aged 14).
He is a current student of the Unnam Middle School.

Something That Is Cheerful And Fresh: 1st mini-album (October 28th, 2010).
1) Too Late.
2) Bbiribbom Bberibbom.
3) I Love You A Thousand Times.
4) Too Late (Ver. 2).
5) Too Late (Remix Ver. 1).
6) Too Late )Remix Ver. 2).
7) Bbiribbom Bberibbom (Remix Ver. 1).
8) Bbiribbom Bberibbom (Remix Ver. 2).

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Big Brother 2010

22 June 2010 - 10:29 PM

Big Brother 2010
(l-r: Josie, Steve, Ben, Nathan, Dave)
(l-r: Caoimhe, Ife, John James, Corin, Mario)

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Big Brother is a gameshow in which a group of contestants, called housemates, live in isolation from the outside world in a house that is custom built for them.
Each week, all housemates nominate two of their fellows for potential eviction. The two or more housemates with the highest number of nominations face a public vote.
The last contestant remaining in the house is declared the winner and awarded a large cash prize.
All main series and spin-off series air on Channel 4 and E4.

Current Housemates:
Gibson, Josie: (aged 25) (Bristol) (financial sales representative)
She has a big personality, wicked tales of mischief and she is the life and soul of the party.
Some of her more infamous exploits include pulling a moonie at a monk in Thailand, waking up in a graveyard and breaking her arm doing a combat roll.
Fiercely independent, she left home at 14 years old to live on her aunt's farm where she still lives in a wooden cabin with her own horse and cart.
She was deemed a disruptive influence and expelled from two schools. She believes in ghosts and claims to see them often.
She hates bullies, attention seekers, moaners and cheats.

Gill, 'Steve' Steven: (aged 40) (Leicester) (ex HM forces)
He is a straightforward ex-serviceman amputee who lives with his second wife of 14 years and has 8 children.
At 20 years old, he was injured by a bomb whilst on patrol in Belfast. He lost both of his legs as well as an eye.
He now wears a black glass eye which his kids love as he looks like a pirate and he chooses to wear shorts exposing his metal legs.
Despite his disability, he is a transatlantic yacht racer and has been unemployed for the last 20 years because he would never want an office job due to his outdoorsy nature.
He hates stuck up, self opionated and political people.

Duncan, 'Ben' Benjamin: (aged 30) (London) (writer and broadcaster)
He spends his time taking extra roles for TV and has written diary pieces for the Mail on Sunday and the Daily Telegraph.
He is single but tells everyone that he is involved with 2 other people who are already in relationships.
His biggest secret is that he once had a relationship with a beautiful 18 year old before being seduced by her mother.
He's extremely passionate about politics and obsessed with the Middle East, wishing he was an Arab.
He claims he is not posh and he is prone to lying to make things more interesting.

Dunn, Nathan: (aged 25) (Bingley) (trainee joiner)
He is a rugby player and lives at home with his grandparents.
He attended private school until he was 11 years old but deliberately failed his exams so he could attend the local comprehensive school with his friend.
He is a happy-go-lucky, jack-the-lad and loud mouth of his mates and he is always playing pranks.
He is single after losing the love of his life 2 years ago because he too much of a lad to commit.
He hates bigots, intelligent bullies and liars.

Vaughan, 'Dave' David: (aged 39) (Pontypool) (minister)
He is an ex-postman who is now a Christian minister who lives with his wife of 17 years and has 4 children.
Top of the class at junior school, he went off the rails as a teen by drinking and taking drugs.
However, he claims to have met Jesus and thus turned his life around. As well as God, he believes in UFO's and ghosts.
He is funny, bright and likeable when he is relaxed.
He enjoys hunting, fishing and Cardiff City FC and he spends a lot of time doing very little but does travel through time and space in the spirit realm.

Guilfoyle, Caoimhe: (aged 22) (Dublin) (student)
She is a feisty fag hag and lives at home with her parents.
She believes that cooking and cleaning are beneath her but is desperate to leave home in the suburbs so that she can go out more.
She claims she was an ugly uni-browed loner when she was a child but, when she went to live in Spain at 20 years old, she returned mature and strong.
She admits to being a bit of a diva but only in a tasteful, sophisticated and elegant way.
She hates snobbery and people who look down on others because of their job, status or work.

Kuku, Ife: (aged 25) (Milton Keynes) (professional dancer)
She is a professional dancer, having been Cheryl Cole's backup dancer, and she dreams of singing stardom.
She is engaged to her boyfriend of 6 years and she lives with her adoptive parents and fiance.
She believes in God, prays everyday in her own way and she believes in the power of positive thinking.
Her looks are important to her and she is a self-confessed clean freak because she can't stand things being dirty and is extremely particular about how her clothes are folded.
She is a bit of an insomniac and can function normally on a couple of hours sleep.

Parton, John James: (aged 24) (Melbourne) (retired vehicle body builder)
He lives at home with his mum but has his own independence after his dad built him his own granny flat.
His dad was killed in an industrial accident and he inherited some money.
He claims to be laid back but very opinionated and can be single minded when pushed on certain topics and morals.
He is very persuasive and good with words which means he can convince people to come round to his way of thinking.
He is single, mainly because he thinks all girls are too much work.

Forshaw, Corin: (aged 29) (Stockport) (retailer)
She is bisexual and has been with her girlfriend for over 2 years.
She became a widower when her husband was killed in an accident at work just 4 months after they were married.
She always tans, dyes her beauty spots and uses hair pieces but insists that despite this she's not a fake person.
Always told off at school for talking too much, she thinks she'll annoy people with her incessant chatter.
She hates posh, arrogant people who turn their noses up at others.

Mugan, Mario: (aged 28) (Essex) (unemployed)
He was born near Venice and is half British and half Italian.
He is fascinated by the paranormal and the potential powers of the mind, believing that we are all connected by a cosmic force.
He has a phobia of death and ageing which means he constantly wears moisturiser and sunblock whilst always exercising to be young and beautiful.
He admits to being vain, saying when he goes to a club even if he doesn't want to pull girls, he still wants to look attractive to them.
He hates to see animals mistreated but he eats meat.

For more information, check these links:
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Big Brother from other countries can also be talked about in this thread, however this first post will be accomodating UK information until it finishes. Afterwards it will change to US.