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In Topic: Watanabe Miyuki, Team BII (Graduated)

13 March 2014 - 03:37 PM

Mariyagi deleted her Instagram:




This comes right after her link to Miruki and that guy mentioning her. Coincidence? Some fans are wondering whether she did this to avoid giving away any info on this issue or a possible relationship.


Abe Maria also deleted her Instagram. I think the guy mentioned an instance of drink/partying with AKB girls.,

In Topic: Watanabe Miyuki, Team BII (Graduated)

13 March 2014 - 02:10 PM

Some say Yoshimoto will have a big saying on what will happen, if anything. I bet there won't be any measures either. I think the fact that Watanabe has continued commenting as if nothing happened talks about the content of whatever meeting she may have had with management and the possible decision to let things die. I will look very closely to what management does or not with this scandal.


Ever since those pictures from Watanabe hanging out in the beach with friends I had an image of her of a girl wanting to have fun and hang out. I still had faith that she would give her job enough importance as to let those things aside for the time being, focus on work, and act with a compromise towards her idol career, but it seems I was wrong.

In Topic: Watanabe Miyuki, Team BII (Graduated)

13 March 2014 - 01:52 PM

I tried to stay on margin about all this, thought of every possibility that could excuse this and prove Miruki not having anything to do with this, but I just read this that fans allegedly found from the guy:






This guy seems to brag about the girls he gets laid with, has a girlfriend and in the above links he says he was talking with Watanabe and Mariyagi through LINE.


He said, like the article in Bunshun assures, that Miruki approached him, that Miruki was infatuated by him and was constantly approaching him (the above link). Bunshiun says Miruki knew but didn't care about him having a girlfriend.


The guy says in the above link that Miruki made breakfast, and talked to him in Kansaiben when he was leaving out of the room and hugged him goodbye.


Like in one of the links Krusha posted, fans found one tweet he made about having an exam one day and in the subsequent day she G+Plused wishing luck to those "about to take a test".


I think the evidence is overwhelming. Miruki has continued G+ without addressing the matter. I want to know what will happen. I expect management to take measures.

In Topic: [EVENT] 48Group 2014 Reformation - 02.24.2014

24 February 2014 - 03:07 PM

Yeah, I thought the little disappearance from the spotlight was all we would see as a result of bonging at hotels but there was actually more to it. Who knows, maybe this will be a temporary thing. But I wonder if for TGSK to make a return he would need to do something, like showing some kind of improvement. I don't know how he can do such a thing. Maybe it will be just a matter of letting the waters calm down.


Suuchan collapses as her transfer to SKE is announced:





Jurina made a post in G+, somewhat troubled, about what she can do.




I think she sees herself right now in some sort of status quo given that there was no change for her. There is a rivalry of sisters with her and Rena and I bet that seeing Rena getting the unique chance of being in another group in Nogizaka46 is something that, who knows, maybe Jurina can envy.


Saechan directed herself to Team S members and SKE fans through G+



In Topic: [EVENT] 48Group 2014 Reformation - 02.24.2014

24 February 2014 - 02:24 PM

Togasaki thanks fans and shows gratitude for the experience he had as theater manager up until today that he was appointed as costumer center manager:




He will be in charge of sharing the voices of fans to management for the betterment of 48G.