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槇土の物語。。。 > "2013...It's Okay to be Selfish"

Posted 31 December 2013

So what do I write here? It's the end of what has been, by far, the most emotionally exhausting year of my life.

I mean I could list all the things that have happened, but what would that do?

I saw some pink flamingos right now...I don't know if they saw me...I'm sure we'll never run into each other again, but that's okay. Because although out pa...

槇土の物語。。。 > Ohhh~~

Posted 28 May 2013

So today was Memorial Day...

Still is...

I didn't do a single thing. :baaa:

I watched 5 episodes of AKB's Nemosou Special.

Ate two hot-pockets the whole day.

MAKI  IS STARVING :itadakimasu:    

MAX  ハラがヘッテ

But instead of making something to eat...or going into the city (Since I live miles away from any sort of civilization)

I sat...then slept....

槇土の物語。。。 > Real Life Problem...ADVICE PLEASE!

Posted 21 June 2012

So before I go on telling anything about anything I just kinda wanna say, it's a long story...and yeah~ lol.

So about two years ago, I was in the 11th grade. It was my astronomy class. There was NOBODY I knew in that class. I knew one person, but he was a hi-bye kinda friend so we never really talked...and I didn't mind because he was...

槇土の物語。。。 > And the story continues...

Posted 14 January 2012

Having been less than a day I feel as if my life has really began.

Last night I graduated from D.S.L. after seven long years.

I went in not knowing why I was picked and expecting nothing, to be honest I thought I would quit after a couple of months...but I didn't.

I think with all the things I learned, dance related and non-dance related, I think...

槇土YOU! > 99 Days and What is D.S.L.

Posted 11 October 2011

Dance! Sing! Live! founded in 1987.

D.S.L. owned by who we all call Big B.

He's sorta our Charlie and we're his angels. It seems weird...but you'll meet a lot people like this in the real world...people who you meet but can never nor probably never meet.

Every year, in Early February, Big B. sends out his talent scouts to look for...