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H!P MPIRE INC! > Its official im singed to murder inc/mprie and got a new manager /promoter

Posted 12 April 2010

i finally got a promoter / manager thats legit and works with my people in music so now i got the verbal contract waitin for the paper one and its official im signed to the inc/mpire oh and reina baby lol i will be seeing you soon i gonna start recording and i will go to japan for some of that so yeah me you and he other morning musume girls can hang out...

H!P MPIRE INC! > warning to all wotas and perverts

Posted 15 March 2010

warning to wotas and perverts

H!P MPIRE INC! > my fav j rock band

Posted 27 October 2009

H!P MPIRE INC! > this is cool my friends jeweler!

Posted 27 October 2009

H!P MPIRE INC! > working hard on album check out my demo here

Posted 27 October 2009


i got like 2 songs on there for a certain j idol and if you check out my other myspace look at my profile here on this site got to view my site and try and guess truthfully there is alot of female asian celebs i know and who i and they flirt back...