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Ryukotsu blog..^_^v > EVERYTHING H!P is Awesome..^_^

Posted 13 January 2010


Ryukotsu blog..^_^v > Mitsui Aika Fan Video

Posted 10 November 2009

HEY PEOPLE i made a fan video you guys should check it out leave comments and what not...<3 on another note all i have been doing is working...but this weekend i have a super smash/tekken tournament so i have the...

Ryukotsu blog..^_^v > BANKING and CONCERT GOODS!!!!...>_<

Posted 24 October 2009


Ryukotsu blog..^_^v > KUSUMI!!!!!!!!!!!!...T_T

Posted 19 September 2009


Ryukotsu blog..^_^v > MM live doc on L.A. did anyone else watch?????

Posted 05 September 2009